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Dacians and Tharcians first populated Serbia. Alexander the great also entered Serbia from the southern part in the 4th century BC. Later Serbia became a part of Roman Empire. A famous Roman Emperor, Constantine was born in this country.

In the 14th century, it became a part of Ottoman Empire and they ruled here for more than 300 years. In the First World War, Austro-Hungarian army overpowered this country. After the end of World War II, it stayed with Yugoslav federation. Even after gaining independence, not everything was fine as civil wars started. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade and currency is Serbian Dinar.

Serbia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Belgrade Capital city: This capital city is located at a historically important route and at the confluence of two rivers. Belgrade is known as a city, which never sleeps and serves as a perfect example of great nightlife. You will see floating clubs on the rivers, as they are a synonym for wonderful parties. This is also one of the oldest cities of Europe with a population of 1.7 million. Here you will find archaeological sites to look back into the history. You will find monuments like the House of Flowers; this attracts a huge number of visitors from around the world and enhancing Serbia Tourism. Read More...

Kopaonik National Park: This national park is located at the highest mountain of this country and was given the status of national park in 1981. There are several rugged and scenic places in the Park. This park also houses the main ski resort of Serbia. It has more than 25 lifts, which can accommodate thousands of skiers per hour. You can enjoy skiing from November to May and in summer, this is a perfect place for hiking. It has a wide range of flora and fauna. This mountain is also famous for its mineral belt like gold, zinc and iron. Read More...

EXIT Music Festival Novi Sad: This was given the best Major Festival at the European Festival of arts in 2017. This festival was started as a movement to do something different and to induce fun because in the last decade they have had enough of bad things. This is held on the Austro-Hungarian fortress. This is a wonderful platform for different music genres and it welcomes music lovers as well as performers from around the globe. Read More...

Subotica: There are several reasons for which people on Serbia travel are visiting this city. This city is among the top tourist destinations and fifth largest city of Serbia. Catholic population in this city is the highest from any other part. This city is also famous for middle age buildings, which includes the Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila. People on Serbia tour can relax at the cafes at Main Square.

Zlatibor: This is a favorite tourist destination located in the mountains of western part of Serbia. People on Serbia Holiday will find nearly every facility at this destination to keep you satisfied. This place is much sought after place in summer for hiking and a ski resort is also situated there. Tourist can see historic villages and scenic beauty of this place. This ski resort can handle up to 5400 skiers in an hour.

Derdap National Park: This national park has four gorges, which stretches itself in an area of 115 km. You will see that the deepest river in one of its gorge. This park is near Golubac fortress, which serves as another feather in its crown. The wide variety of flora and fauna is found here.