Belgrade Tour, Serbia

About Belgrade, Serbia:- Belgrade Serbia is the country located in Balkans and with the foundation of the country from Socialist Federal republic of Yugoslavia it is surrounded by Montenegro and the Republic of Kosovo and many other countries which together form Balkan state. During the summer tourists visit this beautiful country as the winters are harsh along with heavy snowfall. The Serbia has varied geographical land and whether it is the mountains or the forest it has got many natural resources along with rivers. The entire landmass is beautiful and looks with a fairytale presence with beauty in abundance.One can reach Belgrade which has airport and enjoy the lively European cities which have monuments along with cuisine to try for with Serbian-style coffee to enjoy as coffee culture is developed throughout Serbia.

How can reach:- "Belgrade" is the capital city of the city Serbia country which is situated in northern central of the country. "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport" is the main airport where tourists can get flights to all over countries. It is just 19.1 KM distance from city centre. Buses and taxis services are available to visit city's tourist places.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport" is the largest airport of the Serbia country where tourists can get flights all over world. It is just 19.1 KM distance from Belgrade city centre.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport" (19.1 KM) to Belgrade city tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport" (19.1 KM) to Belgrade city tour.

Tourists attractions:- Belgrade Fortress, Gardos Tower, Ada Ciganlija, Knez Mihailova Street, Museums, Skadarlija, The White Palace, Gardosh, Saint Sava Temple, Zoo, Great War Island, Ice skating, Festivals etc.

Location:- Belgrade capital city, Serbia (North Central).

Belgrade Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.6 -0.6 7.0 7.0 15.3 15.3 15.3 15.3 15.3 9.0 2.2 2.2
Average High (℃) 5.6 5.6 15.2 15.2 25.8 25.8 25.8 25.8 25.8 18.4 8.5 8.5

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Distances from National Museum of Serbia.:-

Belgrade City : 4.5 KM

Novi Sad City : 94.7 KM

Nis City : 237.1 KM

Kragujevac City : 139.7 KM

Subotica City : 190.5 KM

Zrenjanin City : 81.4 KM