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Among the groups of people who first populated this land were Sarmatians, Goths and Cimmerians. These people were well known to other traders and colonists of the word, this includes Greeks and Romans who established business out posts here. Slavics were living in the central part of Ukraine.

In the 11th century, this country became one of the largest states of Europe where Christian missionaries propagated their faith. After World War, I Ukraine declared itself an independent estate. A nationwide referendum was conducted on 1 December 1991 and Ukrainians voted 93% for an independent estate. This gave this country an international recognition. Its capital is Kiev and currency is Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Ukraine's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Kiev city: There are many cities in the world, which symbolizes their country, and the Kiev is one of them. This capital city plays an important role in building the nation economically and displaying its culture. This is among the most beautiful cities of the world. This city is full of greenery and people coming on Ukraine Tour will see several parks here. On every street, you will find a historical building. The population of this city has crossed 3 million. Read More...

Carpathian Mountains (Bukovel Resort: This Carpathian mountain range is 1500 km long and known as the second longest mountain range in Europe. They also call it the “Green Pearl of Ukraine”. This place offers a fun filled holiday throughout the year. Tourists are flocking to this place for snowboarding, skiing and spending quality time. In summer you will find this place filled with hikers, which are benefiting from a refreshing natural thermal springs. Read More...

Bukovel resort situated at a distance of 30 km from Yaremcha and was started in 2005. They have well-groomed slopes, high-speed chair lifts and other machines to simplify the things. This resort has been designed keeping in mind snowboarding and snow skiing. You do not need to wait in the queue for more than five minutes for the ski lift.

Askania Nova: This reserve is situated in a remote part and you will find several rare animal species here. This also comes in one of the seven wonders of this country and listed with the UNESCO’s biosphere reserves. In 19th-century, a nature lover Friedrich gave his land to establish the wildlife reserve in this country. The best way to move inside this wildlife preserve is on a horseback or by car. Read More...

Cozy courtyards: This is a perfect place for you to hide if you are looking a cozy place. You want to spend some quality time with your partner and want to hide yourself from the busy world. You can enjoy your privacy here when you are on Ukraine Holiday.

Kamyanets-Podilsky: Kamyanets-Podilsky are among the oldest cities of Ukraine and has a prominent position from the cultural point of view also and contributing a lot in enhancing Ukraine Tourism. This is a wonderful combination of architecture and landscape. It is said that the history of the old city has many mysteries. This city has more than 200 monuments and government passed a decree to preserve these architectural and historic marvels.

The tunnel of love: A couple of years back when the pictures of this green tunnel were circulated on the Internet, everybody was stunned. There was no information about its location. This is situated between village of Orzhiv and Klevan. Its history goes back to the cold war and when the movement and transportation of military hardware was concealed for obvious reasons. This is the reason why trees on both the sides were planted. People in Ukraine Travel will find trees in ‘Tunnel of Love’ are properly trimmed; this is because of the movement of freight trains.