The Matterhorn Zermatt, Switzerland

About Matterhorn Zermatt:- The Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland is one of the mountain of the Alps with borders between Switzerland and Italy. The symmetrical pyramidal peak extends upto Monte Rosa area of the Pennine Alps and it has a summit of 4,478 meters and it was first studies by Horace-Benedict De Saussure. The mountain peak remain unclimbed after most of the other great Alpine peaks which has now become the subject of an international competition for the summit. The passage between the two valleys along with North and South sides saw the trade route since the Roman Era and now it see many of the expedition done by mountaineers.

How can reach:- "Zermatt" is a base city of the Matterhorn mountain. It is situated in southern of the Switzerland country near of the Italy border. "Zurich international airport" is the largest airport of the Switzerland country which is just 253 KM distance from Zermatt town. Tourists can get here flights to all over world. Tourists can get Zermatt town via train, buses and taxis from Zurich, Bern and Geneva cities. Cable car facilities are available from Zermatt to near of the Matterhorn mountain.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Zurich Airport" is the largest airport of the Switzerland country. It is just 253 KM distance from Zermatt town. Tourists can get here flights to mostly foreign countries.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Zurich Airport" 253 KM to Matterhorn mountain tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Zurich Airport" 253 KM to Matterhorn mountain tour.

Nearest Railway Station:- Zermatt (1.0 KM distance). High speed trains are available from Bern city, Zurich and Geneva city to Zermatt. Train travel time is 3 hours and 19 minutes from Zurich city. Daily 24 trains leave from Zurich to Zermatt town. Train travel distance is 162 KM.

Matterhorn Elevation:- 4478 metres

First Time Ascent:- July, 1865

Location:- Zermatt, Switzerland (Southern)

Tourist Attractions:- Snowboarding, Skiing, Breithorn mountain, Matterhorn mountain, Monte Rosa mountain, Zermatt Ski School, Cycling, biking, local villages, cable car etc.

Zermatt Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -8.4 -7.8 -5.5 -2.2 2.1 4.8 6.8 6.7 4.2 0.7 -4.0 -7.1
Average High (℃) 0.2 1.3 3.7 7.3 12.1 15.6 18.9 17.9 15.4 11.2 4.6 1.1

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Distances from Zermatt town :-

Zurich City : 249.8 KM

Geneva City : 232.0 KM

Basel City : 226.5 KM

Lausanne City : 165.8 KM

Bern City : 130.3 KM

Winterthur City : 269.8 KM