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Sweden has more than 10000 years of history when settlers in this country were hunters and later they became aware of farming techniques. This country was under German and French influence and it became a power after winning the wars against Russia and Poland.

Agriculture system was modernized between 1750 to 1850 and industrial revolution changed the entire scenario. This increased the production in many folds, but several laborers were left without any job.

Sweden stayed neutral during the World War I and there was a great demand for Swedish steel and wood pulp. After the war, several welfare policies were started and this laid the foundation stone of modern Sweden. Its capital is Stockholm and currency is Swedish Krona.

Sweden's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Stockholm City: This is the largest city and capital of Sweden. It is situated at the junction of two lakes, Malar and Salt Bay. It was built by Birger and after a trade agreement with Germany, it flourished immensely. They charged from merchants to do trade in this country. In 1436, this city became the Swedish capital. If you are coming on a Sweden Tour, pay a visit to world’s first open air museum and maritime Vasa Museum. This city has some of the best restaurants to serve you mouthwatering delicacies. It is also famous of its interior design venues. Read More...

Drottningholm Palace: You need to take a day trip to this Palace; French architect Nicodemus designed this. You can see saloons in this building, which dates back to 17th and 18th centuries. Come for Sweden Travel in summer, you will see performances out there and the southern part of this palace is reserved for the royal family. This was the first attraction to include in the list of UNESCO sites. Read More...

Vasa Museum, Stockholm: This is the only 17th century ship, which is preserved as a treasure. This is a 69 m long warship and above 95% of this ship is in its original position. On its roof you will see a museum and at present more than 1 million visitors come to see this museum. You will find different exhibitions, which are telling about the ship and the life on board. The film, which is shown here, is defining about the Vasa, and it is available in 13 languages. You will also find a shop and a restaurant over there. Read More...

Gotland: If you have not heard about it before, then definitely you have missed something great. This is Sweden’s largest island and better known as slice of heaven. This is enhancing Sweden tourism significantly. This is a magical destination to unfurl you as this is a place, which is full of different Opportunities.

Gothenburg: You will find so many things here, an archipelago to freshen up and restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. This city has several eateries, amusement park, museum and rainforest. People coming on a Sweden Holiday shall opt for a waterside city tour on the Paddan boat.

Swedish Lapland: This is also known as the land of eight seasons. In Aurora Sky Station, you can see the greatest light show on the face of earth. This area is permanently free from clouds so there is no better place to see the natural light show.