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The Stone Age farmers inhabited this part of the land, which is known as Slovenia, around 3500 BC. In the 6th century, Slavs came to Slovenia and in the 8th century, it came under the rule of Europe. In the 9th century, this land came under the domination of Romans.

In the modern age, Slovenia became a part of Yugoslavia. Several industries developed and the living standards rose significantly. In 1991, a new constitution was implemented and the European Union recognized its independence in 1992. In 2004, Slovenia became a member of European Union and joined NATO. Its capital is Ljubljana and currency is Euro.

Slovenia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Ljubljana capital city: Several tourists say that this is a hidden gem in Europe. This is a city with green soul and this city has maintained its green character so far. You will find well-maintained green space in the heart of the city. Dragon is the symbol of this city, Ljubljana Castle is a prominent tourist destination of this city, and its tower offers some of the breathtaking views of the city. Read More...

They call it a heaven for foodies as several events and festivals are organized to display their culinary traditions.

Lake Bled: Thermal springs make this alpine lake a much sought after health resort and one of the iconic places in Slovenia. The island, which is situated in the middle of this lake, enhances its beauty in manifolds. People of Slovenia Tour can visit this island using traditional wooden boats called Pletnas. A 12th century castle, snow covered mountains and thermal springs make it a most sought after tourist destination. Read More...

Vogel Ski Resort: Skiing started here in 1964 and cable car was renovated in 2001 with a capacity of 950 persons in a single hour. This Vogel Ski Resort is situated in the heart of a protected area of Triglav National Park. Ski season starts every year in December and lasts until May. People oh Slovenia Travel will get an incredible panoramic view of the mountain range. Read More...

Triglav National Park: If people on Slovenia Holiday are interested in exploring the scenic beauty of this country, then Triglav National Park is the right place to visit. To get the spectacular views of Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj, you can go on hiking at Mount Triglav or opt for a cable car ride, which is an easy option. People on Slovenia tour spend their time rafting on the Soca River.

Postojna: People coming on tour of Slovenia will see this fascinating beauty, which was built of Slovenia more than 140 years ago and it is enhancing Slovenia Tourism. You can take a ride in the unique train, which will take you to the network of halls and galleries inside cave. The entire tour will last for 1 and half hours. Predjama Castle is situated near to this cave and this is largest cave castle around the globe.

Piran: After entering the city, you will realize that they have preserved it in a best possible manner. The proximity to the sea and the architecture are creating magical scenes. You will see several establishments display their art. You will see Coastal galleries, Aquarium, Maritime museum and Tartini Theatre in this city.