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Archaeologists have found some artifacts in Slovakia, which are from 270,000 BC. Among the artifacts, there is a female statue of bone, found in Moravany. There is evidence of commercial exchanges, which have proved by the discovery of ornaments. People settled in this area are Celts. They were using silver coins after the name of their kings. After 500 years, the Romans established their kingdom in this region.

After the World War I, Slovakia became independent and formed the nation called Czechoslovakia. In 1939, Slovaks separated themselves and supported Germany in the Second World War.

When the Communist rule ended in 1989, Slovakia and Czechs became independent. In the present scenario, Slovakia is a member of the European Union and NATO. Its capital is Bratislava and currency is Euro.

Slovakia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Bratislava City: This is a comparatively small city, but of big historical importance. It is also known as the youngest metropolis in Europe. Slovakia’s capital offers a range of activities for tourists to enjoy their holiday at its fullest. In the old town, you will find mediaeval castle and St. Martin’s Cathedral. You will see trees and fountains in the small parks of the city. You can also visit Bratislava Castle, which dates back to the 9th century. In 1811, a fire broke out which deteriorated its condition. In 1950, the restoration was started and at present, this serves as a museum and a venue for special events. This is also contributing in Slovakia Tourism. Read More...

High Tatras: If you are looking for a cheap hiking destination filled with shimmering beautiful lakes and alpine views, then High Tatras is the perfect place for you. The High Tatras Mountains are cheaper and less crowded. You will have a view of pine forests, waterfalls and snow capped mountain peak. Visit this place of adventure and remember your Slovakia holiday for the rest of your life. Read More...

Spis Castle: This castle was built in the 12th century on the same location of an earlier castle. This served as an economic, political and cultural center for the rulers of Hungary. This capital has seen several kings and families. This is among the largest castles of Europe and a favorite spot for people coming on Slovakia Travel. Read More...

Demanovska Cave: The Demanovska Cave is situated in the north of the Tatras. This cave is located within the Demanovska valley that is why it is named after it. It is the most sought after cave in Slovakia with an elevation of 870 m. The tour of this cave lasts for only 15 minutes.

Vychodna Folk Festival: This is the greatest festival in Slovakia, organized since 1953. It is organized every year at the start of July in an open-air theatre. You can see more than 1500 performers wearing traditional dresses to display their culture. More than 70,000 people come to watch this festival every year.

Paradise National Park: This national park is considered as a gem among other national parks of Slovakia. If you are coming on a Slovakia Tour and want to go in the lap of Mother Nature and want to have a view of the forest life must visit this national park. They have used bridges, ladders and chains to facilitate the movements of tourists.