Portugal Tours Holidays

This country is situated in the western part of Europe. It emerged as a country after the reconquering of this peninsula by Christians. Its capital Lisbon was founded 400 years before romans took over this country.

In 1911, monarchy in this country ended with the assassination of King Manuel I. A military coup took place in 1974 and this established democracy in this country, which resulted in chaos. This happened because they were not ready for this democratic freedom. Two years later Portugal gave independence to African colonies. They need to do some amendments in their constitution to curb the corruption, much has done, but a lot more is required. Its capital is Lisbon and currency is Euro.:

Portugal's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Lisbon capital city: This is one of oldest and most happening cities of Western Europe. This city will take you back to 1200 BC. This place has warm temperature and offers great food to satisfy your taste buds. Its residents are nice and willing to help people coming on Portugal Tour. It is located on the river Tagus; this is the longest river not only of this country, but also of this peninsula. You can the experience rich and vast Portuguese culture in this city. Read More...

Algarve: If you are coming for Portugal Travel, you will see wonderful beaches and beautiful fishing towns, you have never seen before. It is blessed with excellent climatic conditions to attract tourist from around the world. There are waterparks, clean beaches and thrilling nightlife. This town will give a good value for your hard-earned money. This city has thermal baths, thalassotherapy centers and golf courses. Read More...

Pena Palace: This palace is ranked in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is among the seven wonders of Portugal. It displays romanticism style of architecture. It has several mythological statues and its color makes a contrast to the green background of forest. You have to pay an entry fee for a tour of this architectural marvel. Read More...

Praia da Marinha: Clear turquoise water makes this beach a class apart from others. This beach has orange limestone and it is situated in Algarve Coast. This beach, Praia da Marinha, lacks in necessary facilities. To reach at this location, you have to drive off the road and then have to walk.

Sao Jorge Castle: This castle stands majestically and was the center point of power for 400 years. This is a famous tourist destination in Lisbon so be prepared to stand in queue to get tickets to visit it. You can take free tours to know detailed information about this historic monument by Portugal Tourism ministry. It has faced destruction in 1755 because of earthquake and during republic government in 1920s. It has 11 towers and a museum for tourists. The restoration work of this castle took place in 1938.

Cabo Girao: This is a cliff located at a height of 580 m. It has a glass platform, which makes it a famous tourist destination. This location gives an overwhelming view of cultivated land as well as the foot of the cliff along with ocean. You can take part in different activities like base-jumping and paragliding. People coming on a Portugal Holiday must come here.