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The historical background of this country consists of long wars and several tribes inhabiting this place not only from the Europe, but from other parts of the world also. Nervi and Batavi tribes were living in this country when Julius Caesar found it. Several years later Franks invaded it. William Orange led a revolution against a Spanish king who was ruling in this country. Later Nazis invaded and after 5 years, it was liberated. It became a member of European Economic Community. Its capital is Amsterdam and currency is Euro.

Netherlands's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Canals of Amsterdam: This city will give you the feeling of Venice and it is also known as the "Venice of the North" because it has 165 canals. The most famous and important canals are Kzersgracht, Prinsengracht, Singel and Gerengracht. The UNESCO included it in the list of World Heritage sites in 2011. Every tourist is willing to know why there are so many canals in Amsterdam. Before they built canals, this area was a swampland. They designed canals in 16th and 17th century as a part of drainage system and used them as a mode of transportation. When you are on Netherlands tour, do not forget to go for an Amsterdam Canal Cruise. Read More...

Frisian Islands: This is a chain of islands, which is in arc shape. Dutch is their official language, but because of loads of tourists flocking to this place, residents speak German and English fairly well. You can reach these islands by car. Most of the tourists coming for Netherlands Holiday visit this place to enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Read More...

Keukenhof Garden of Europe: At present, this is the biggest flower garden in the world. This garden was established to enhance the export as it was used for displaying flowers. It facilitated flower growers to display their hybrids. This garden is open for public from the end of the march and closes in May. It opens daily from 8 AM to 7:30 PM and it is open even on public holidays. Visitors can take refreshment in self-service restaurants in the pavilion of this garden. Read More...

Leiden Canals: Canals of this city came into origination in the 17th-century. The outer canal was built to safeguard the city. It has 28 km of waterways with 88 bridges. Tourists have the option to board an electric boat and a conventional boat. These waterways were used for strengthening the defense system and facilitate the transportation. They were also a part of well-designed drainage and sewage system. At present, the canals are in need of proper cleaning to make sure that they are deep enough. Tourists enjoy moving and fishing in a houseboat. They also organize canal festivals every year to promote Netherlands Tourism.

Delft City Hall: Hendrik designed this City Hall in 1620, after an old building was destroyed by fire. He was the best architect of his times. In this building, you will also find the mediaeval prison and some of the torture instruments are still over there. People coming on Netherlands Travel can visit this place by appointment only.

Kinderdijk: this city is located at a distance of 15 miles from Rotterdam. This is another place, which is listed in the world Heritage sites by UNESCO. In this city, you will find 19 preserved windmills, which were built in 16th century. Tourists can have a view of these landscapes, but they have to pay a little amount of money as fee for a special tour of windmills.