Mount Athos Tour, Greece

About Mount Athos:- Mount Athos Greece is a mountain and peninsula which is in northeastern Greece and is also home to 20 monasteries which is under the direct jurisdiction of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. The Mount Athos is commonly referred as Holy Mountain and the peninsula is also known as Acte or Akte. The Mount Athos is a part of European Union and it empowers the Monastic’s State’s Authority also regulating the free movement of people along with goods in it’s territory. The various Churches along with Monasteries are built here in the Byzantine Era and followers do come here along with tourists.

How can reach:- "Mount Athos" is approx 668 KM far from Athens city by road. Thessaloniki is the nearest major city which is approx 130 KM far. Its nearest airport is Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" which distance is 130 KM and its nearest town is Tripiti Town. Its nearest railway station is Thessaloniki (116.0 KM). Buses, Ferry and taxis are available from Thessaloniki city.

Nearest Major Airport:- Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" is the second busiest airports of the Greece which connects mostly European countries. It is just 130.5 KM distance from Mount Athos centre.

Nearest Railway Station:- "Thessaloniki" (130.5 KM); Fast trains are available from Thessaloniki railway station to Athens. Travel distance is 304 KM and approx timings 5.20 Hours

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" (202 KM) to Mount Athos tour.

Buses Services:- Buses are available from Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia" (202 KM) to Mount Athos tour.

Location:- Mount Athos, Greece (Northeastern).

Tourist Attractions:- Ancient age monasteries like Great Lavra, Chilandariou, Simonos Petra, Konstamonitou,Bogoroditsa, Profiti Ilias and Agiou Andreos etc.

UNESCO World Heritage Site:- from 1988.

Mount Athos Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 2.8 2.8 7.5 7.5 18.8 18.8 18.8 18.8 18.8 12.9 6.0 6.0
Average High (℃) 10.3 10.3 17.1 17.1 29.0 29.0 29.0 29.0 29.0 21.1 13.2 13.2

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Distances from Tripiti Town:-

Athens City : 630.4 KM

Thessaloniki City : 132.3 KM

Patras City : 591.1 KM

Larissa City : 280.7 KM

Heraklion City : 967.8 KM

Volos City : 340.9 KM