Millau Bridge Tour, France

About Millau Bridge:- The Millau Bridge (Millau Viaduct or le Viaduc de Millau) France which is one of the cable stayed bridge over the Gorge valley of the Tarn near Millau in Southern France. The architectural engineer Michel Virlogeux and the English architect Norman Foster with structural height of 336.4 meters. The bridge has got constantly ranked as one of the greatest engineering achievements along with receiving the 2006 Outstanding Structure Award with International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering. The bridge also has Toll Plaza on the A75 autoroute and has been known to give ease to the traffic but at times is also known to be having less flow of traffic.

How Can Reach:- "Millau Bridge" is located on Tarn River in southern of the France country. This bridge is just 668.4 KM distance from Paris capital city and its nearest town is Millau. "Toulouse–Blagnac Airport" is a large airport of the France where tourists can get flights to foreign countries and domestic cities which is 190.8 KM far from Millau Bridge. Trains are available at Millau city which is direct connected to Paris and Toulouse. Buses, Trains and Taxis services are available from "Toulouse–Blagnac Airport" to tourist place.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Toulouse–Blagnac Airport" is a large airport of the France country. It is just 190.8 KM distance from Millau Bridge. Tourists can get here flights to foreign countries and domestic cities.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Toulouse–Blagnac Airport" 190.8 KM to Millau Bridge tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Toulouse–Blagnac Airport" 190.8 KM to Millau Bridge tour.

Nearest Railway Station:- Millau (12.6 KM distance). Trains are direct available from Paris city (642.1 KM) to Millau. Daily 4 trains leave from Paris to Millau. Average journey time is 8 and 36 minutes approx. Trains also available from Toulouse city to Millau which travel distance is 142 KM.

Location:- Millau Town, France (Southern).

Maximum Height :- 343 metres (1,125 feet).

Total Length:- 2,460 metres (8,070 feet).

Tallest bridge in the world:- Yes.

Architects:- Sir Norman Foster and Dr Michel Virlogeux.

Bridge Estimate Age:- 120 Years.

Construction start:- October 2001.

Construction Completed:- December 2004.

Road Carries Lanes:- 4.

Crosses:- Tarn River & Its Valley.

Visitor Peak Season:- July & August

Tourist Attractions:- Millau Viaduct - tallest bridge of the world, Paragliding sport, Glove museum, Jardin botanique des Causses - botanical garden, Place du Marechal Foch - arcades, Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Espinasse - church, Passage du Pozous - fortified gateway, The Belfry - Tower, Roquefort cheese Caves etc.

Millau Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average low (℃) 0.3 0.3 3.7 3.7 12.2 12.2 12.2 12.2 12.2 8.3 2.4 2.4
Average High (℃) 7.8 7.8 12.2 12.2 22.1 22.1 22.1 22.1 22.1 15.5 8.3 8.3

Nearest Accommodations:- Chateau de Creissels, Millau Hotel Club, Hotel ET Residence Hericlea, Les Berges Du Tarn, Casa Pondicherry, Chambre d'Hotes l'Atelier - Millau, "Waves" Guest Room, Le Pissenlibleu, Chambres d'Hotes rue des lilas, Auberge les Deux Vallees, Chambre d'Hote L'Orchidee, Gite des Grands Causses, Hotel Jalade.

Distances from Millau Viaduct Bridge:-

Millau City : 12.6 KM

Paris City : 648.4 KM

Marseille City : 276.1 KM

Lyon City : 391.3 KM

Toulouse City : 182.9 KM

Nice City : 433.0 KM

Nantes City : 760.6 KM