Melk Abbey Tour, Austria

About Melk Abbey:- Melk Abbey Austria is the Benedictine Abbey which is above the town of Melk, Lower Austria on a rocky outcrop which overlooks the Denube River and it contains the tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau which also see the remains of several members along with House of Babenberg who were Austria’s first ruling dynasty. The Abbey was founded in 1089 when Leopold II Margrave of Austria has passed on one of the castles to Monks from Lambach Abbey and now it is a Church and visited by many people but is still found to be intact and in shape after nearly 200 years.

How can reach:- "Melk Abbey" is located in north eastern of the Austria country which is just 89 KM distance from Vienna capital city. "Vienna International Airport" is a large airport which distance is 113.3 KM. It connects Austria to all over world. Taxis, Trains and Buses are available easily from airport to Melk Abbey.

Nearest Major Airport:- "Vienna International Airport" is the biggest airport of the Austria country which is just 113.3 KM distance from Melk Abbey. Here are available international and domestic both types flights.

Nearest Railway Station:- Melk (3.0 KM distance). Tourists can get high speed trains from Melk to Vienna capital city and Graz city.

Approx journey timing Melk to Vienna 1 hours and 10 minutes and travel distance is 77 KM.

Bus Services:- Buses are available from "Vienna International Airport" (113.3 KM) to Melk town tour.

Taxi Services:- Taxis are available from "Vienna International Airport" (113.3 KM) to Melk town tour.

Built Year:- 1736

Architect:- Jakob Prandtauer

Location:- Melk, Austria (North Eastern).

Tourist Attractions:- Melk Benedictine Abbey, Abbey Church, Town Hall, Haus am Stein, bike riding, River boat cruise etc.

Melk Weather Temperature:-

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.3 -2.3 -1.1 4.4 9.2 12.3 14.1 14.0 10.6 5.9 1.3 -1.7
Average High (℃) 1.8 4.0 9.7 14.5 20.3 22.8 25.0 25.1 20.1 14.0 6.5 3.0

Nearest Accommodations:- Hotel-Restaurant zur Post, Landhotel Wachau, Hotel Wachau & Restaurant, Weisses Lamm, Madar Cafe Central Melk, Hotel Stadt Melk, Goldenen Sterns, Rathauskeller - Der Melker Gasthof, Madar Cafe Restaurant zum Fursten, Wachauerhof, Junges Hotel Melk, Pension Marillenhof.

Distances from Melk Abbey:-

Vienna City : 88.7 KM

Graz City : 254.5 KM

Linz City : 102.4 KM

Salzburg City : 214.0 KM

Innsbruck City : 394.5 KM

Klagenfurt City : 330.6 KM