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Mysterious temples are found in Malta from the Neolithic period, which are related to the goddess of fertility. This country has traces of Phoenicians, Romans and Byzantines. Muslim introduced new irrigation system and some fruits to this country. In 1798, Napoleon conquered this country. British came here in 1800 and in 1814 after the Treaty of Paris; this country became a part of the British Empire.

In 1965, it became a part of the Council of Europe and joined the Association of European Economic Community. In 2004, Malta joined the European Union. Its capital is Valletta and currency is Euro.

Malta's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Valletta capital city: The city was founded in 1566 and is among the smallest capital cities of Europe. You will notice that its buildings have a strong Baroque character. This is a commercial and administrative hub of this country and nearly all the government departments are located in this city. Among the top historical buildings of this city are St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the National library of Malta, which dates back to 18th century, University of Malta and the National Museum of fine arts. Read More...

Blue Lagoon Bay Malta: This is one of the best beaches in Malta and people on Malta Tour love to visit this place. This is located on the island of Comino. People on Malta Travel say when they land their feet on this place; they have a sense of accomplishment. This is such a beautiful location that film producers are coming here on a regular basis. You can see this place in 'Helen of Troy' series and 'Swept Away'. Read More...

Golden Bay Malta: This is a much sought after sandy beach, which attracts tourists for snorkeling, swimming and barbecues. This beach is located in the northwestern part of Malta and sand of this beach is light green color. People are flocking to this place for barbecues and parties. You will get plenty of space to take part in fun activities. Read More...

Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Malta: The Temple of Hagar Qim was excavated in 1839 and this temple dates back to 3600 BC. This is situated on a hilltop at a distance of 500 m from Hagar Qim.

At the bottom of this hill, there is another temple called Mnajdra. This is a UNESCO world Heritage site and on the first day of summer, Sunrays pass through a hole, which illuminates a stone that is placed inside the chamber. This is something, which you never have contemplated before. This temple is contributing a lot in the Malta Tourism.

St. John's Co-Cathedral Malta: This cathedral is located in the center of Valletta. This is known as fine as the finest examples of Baroque Architecture built in 16th century. This is a beautiful cathedral, which will leave you spellbound. This serves as a perfect example of fascinating history of this island.

Mdina Malta: This is an ancient walled city built by Phoenicians in 700 B.C. Later Norman and Arabs rulers added more fortifications to this city. People on Malta Holiday will find only 300 inhabitants living in this city. They have restored it properly and tourists have given it a new life by visiting this place.