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The land of Macedonia has served as a crossroads for invaders and traders travelling between Europe and Asia. In 356 BC, most of its land came under the rule of Philip II. Alexander the great was his son and his empire took this country under his rule. Romans took over this land, which was followed by Byzantine Empire. In 15th century, Ottoman Empire came into power and they ruled until 1912.

With the end of World War I, Macedonia merged with Yugoslavia. Moreover, in 1991, Yugoslavia made Republic of Macedonia independent an independent country. Its capital is Skopje and currency is Macedonian denar.

Macedonia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Skopje capital city: Come to the city of Skopje, here you will find traditions, which are 2000 years old. This capital city is situated in the heart of Balkan Peninsula. Skopje is a modern city and a hub for economic, political and educational center. This city has several attractive tourist destinations. It has historic monuments, archaeological sites caves and a health spa. This town is famous because of the birthplace of Mother Teresa. You will find 1500 years old fortress, Sultan Murat’s mosque and Daut Pasha’s bath in this city, which are contributing in Macedonia Tourism. Read More...

Pelister National Park: The highest peak in Baba Mountain range has a height of 2601 m. Pelister National Park is enriched with unique geological formations and this includes Mesozoic magma rocks. It has several rivers, streams, springs, and the most interesting are mountain lakes. These lakes are also known as Pelister eyes. People on Macedonia Tour will also find stags, boars, wolf, partridges and red beak jackdaws in this park. Read More...

Canyon Matka: Visiting this place is a perfect for anyone who loves natural beauty. You can visit this place for hiking on cool rocks. People who are in Macedonia Travel find it difficult to believe that this wonderful place is at a distance of only 15 km from the capital city Macedonia. Covering more than 5000 ha, you will love this place for hiking for hours and hours. You can go for kayaking and pay a visit to historic churches, monasteries and various hiking trails in this region. Read More...

Mavrovo National Park: The highest waterfall in the Balkan region is situated in the national park of Mavrovo. Galichnik is a village, which holds an important position in displaying Macedonian culture and tradition. The road to this village is beautiful and perfect for mountain biking. People on Macedonia Holiday will taste mouthwatering delicacies of Macedonia, traditional music and clothing in this place.

Saint Jovan Bigorski: Away from the maddening crowd situated at a height of 740 m above sea level, the St. Jovan Bigorski monestry is a world famous Orthodox monastery built from limestone rocks. This was built in 1020 on the ruins of a church, which was destroyed.

Ohrid Town: A perfect place to stay for those people who are coming on a Macedonian tour and explore the area is. This is the largest town situated near the lake Ohrid. This is a perfect place to enjoy and pay a visit to surrounding monasteries. When you are in Macedonia do not forget to pay a visit to Tsar Samull’s Fortress, St. Clement Church and Ancient Theatre. You can enjoy a boat ride in this lake.