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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries of the world with an population of around 6 lakh. This was formed as a small city 1000 years before and soon it was one of the energetic and cleanest cities. It all started with a castle and soon a city was developed around it. This castle was the base of the establishment. Later this castle was changed into a fortress known as’ Gibraltar of the North’.

In 1861, this was recognized as an independent state. Germany occupied Luxembourg in both the world wars and it became a member of the NATO in 1949. Its capital is Luxembourg City and its currency is Euro.

Luxembourg's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Luxembourg City: It is believed that nowhere in the Europe, you will find such a wonderful combination of historical monuments and contemporary architecture. The Luxembourg Castle is listed with UNESCO. Tourists are delighted to see the high-tech buildings as well as historic sites in a single go. Tourists have multitude of things to do in this city and this is enhancing Luxembourg Tourism. There are several museums and theatres for artists. Read More...

Bourscheid Castle: Bourscheid Castle was a wooden structure, which was replaced by stone. Its history dates back to 10th century. It is situated on a wonderful location near a river Sure Meandering. It has eight towers, which were built to provide a better protection. They have restored this castle and it is open for tourists. If possible, then people on Luxembourg Travel need to visit this location in night when it is lit up, this will be a memorial experience, which you will remember for the rest of your life. Read More...

Luxembourg National Museum: If you have to rank Luxembourg City, based on its museums, you will certainly rank this city as historically the most important cities of Europe. This is not only a museum, but it also serves as a scientific institution. In this museum, you will find several artifacts, which are from Stone Age. You can see coins that are from different periods and these coins say a lot about its economic history. Read More...

The Bock and the City Casements, Luxembourg City: The Bock and the City Casements, Luxembourg City are listed with UNESCO. This listing in itself shows its importance and it was built in 1644 when Spanish dominated over this country. You can see a 23 km network of passages. This is enough to give shelter to thousands of defenders along with their equipment and other belongings like, kitchen accessories, workshops and animals.

Echternach and its Benedictine Abbey: Willibrord founded Benedictine Abbey in 698 to illuminate the 11th century manuscripts. People on Luxembourg Tour will understand the history of monastery. This abbey is situated near a park, rococo pavilion and fountains. At present, this is a popular tourist destination. An annual dancing procession is held and this is enhancing its popularity in many folds as thousands of tourists are visiting this place.

The Luxembourg Ardennes: Beautiful high lands and majestic landscapes offer a wonderful natural experience you never had anticipated before. Cycling and hiking enthusiasts visit this place and enjoy the beauty of its forests and picturesque villages. You can see a mediaeval period castle and traditional markets.

People coming on Luxembourg Holiday will see the largest nature reserve of this country situated in this area. Nature lovers find it a satisfying place to quench their thirst for the natural beauty and wilderness.