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Liechtenstein is a small country situated between Switzerland and Austria. This country gained its independent status under the rule of Roman in 1719. Napoleon and French ruled over this country for several years. In 1806, Napoleon started Rhine Confederation and made Liechtenstein a member. Liechtenstein stayed neutral in both the World Wars and they do not have standing army.

In 1921, a new constitution was implemented and Prince Franz Josef II became the first ruler. After his death, his son Prince Hans Adam II followed him and in 2004, Prince Adam nominated his son Prince Alois as the permanent representative. Its capital is Vaduz and currency is Franc.

Liechtenstein's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Vaduz: The tourist information Centre of the city will tell you everything what you need to know and how to get the most out of your Liechtenstein Tour. This is among the most beautiful capitals of Europe and one of the smallest also. You can start exploring the main attraction like buildings situated on the bank of river Rhine. People on Liechtenstein Travel can pay a visit to Neo-Gothic Parish church known as cathedral of St. Florin and an impressive Vaduz Castle of 12th century. Read More...

Gutenberg Castle: You may have heard about a group of five castles of Liechtenstein. This is one of them situated on a hill near the town of Balzers. This castle was constructed in the mediaeval period and at present it is not serving as the residence to the Royal family. This is the reason they have opened it for public. You will find a museum and a church there. Read More...

Malbun: Skiers and snowboarders will get more than 23 km of slopes in the Malbun ski resorts. This resort has 7 lifts for transportation and situated at between the elevation of 1600 and 2000 m. This Malbun resort was given an award by the Swiss Tourism Board for its family facilities. This is enhancing Liechtenstein Tourism as it is situated 15 km from the capital city, Vaduz. Read More...

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein: You will find several examples of contemporary artwork as well as modern in the Liechtenstein art gallery. Other than contemporary exhibits, this museum also has a wide collection from the 19th century sculptures and a collection of Prince of Liechtenstein. This museum was started in 2002.

Liechtenstein National Museum: A state owned National Museum located in a 15th century inn. You will find several items focusing on the rich history of this country. It also displays of religious art and weapons. Several archaeological findings from the Neolithic period to middle age can be seen in this museum. Coins, badges of honor, graphic art, drawing and painting are displayed there. People coming on Liechtenstein Holiday must visit this place.

Towns of Nendeln and Eschen: Both of these small towns of Nendeln and Eschen are situated in the lowland area of Lichestien.

Nendeln is a well-known place for Schadler pottery and the country’s oldest workshop is also located here, which was started in 1836. You can take guided tours for this workshop, where crockery and tiles stoves are famous.

The main attraction of Eschen are Pfrundhaus, this is a 14th century building used for displaying the local art. Holy Cross-Chapel is also situated there.