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The earliest people who settled in Latvia came here after the ice age. The ancestors of Latvians are Baltic tribes who migrated to this land about 2000 BC.

In the 12th century, Christian missionaries and merchants from Germany came here to spread their religion and to do business. In 1939, Soviet took control of this land and later the Nazis occupied it. Nazis massacred more than 85,000 Jews and gypsies. After the independence, they have retained their Latvian culture. Agriculture plays a significant role in its economy. This country faced an economic slowdown in 2008. Before this slowdown, this country was considered as the fastest growing economy in the continent. Its capital is Riga and currency is Euro.

Latvia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Riga City: Riga is a cultural and financial center of Latvia. Its amazing architecture will leave you spellbound. It has more than 800 years of rich history. You can see the footprints of Swedish kings, German knights and the Soviet officers in this city. This capital city is among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is a Wi-Fi capital with more than 1000 spots for free Internet. In the old part of the city, you will find the narrow streets and antique buildings. Pristine white beaches will relax your mind, body and soul and they contribute in Latvia Tourism significantly. Read More...

Jurmala coastal: This place is situated at a distance of 30 minutes from the capital city Riga. Over here, you will find nearly everything you need to refresh yourself. You will see a perfect combination of sea, sand and style. Fresh air, beautiful architecture and several fun activities are the reasons why people are flocking to Latvia Tour. Read More...

Kuldiga: You can see well-preserved architecture and natural landscapes in this city. People also call it "the Venice of the North" and its historic buildings are a strong contender to get listed with UNESCO World Heritage site. The elements from the 13th century to the 19 injury are well preserved here. This city has narrow streets and peculiar style one-story houses, which have a chimney in the middle. Read More...

Sigulda: You will take hardly one hour to reach Sigulda from Riga. When you want to take a break from the metropolitan life; visit this place. This will serve as an antidote to the pressure you have because of your work. Its scenic beauty and castles flabbergast people on Latvia Tour. There are several adventures waiting for you in this natural wonderland. You can also pay a visit to Turaida Museum reserve and Turaida Castle.

Ventspils: If you are coming to Latvia Holiday, then it is imperative to visit this city. You will find the perfect blend of modern life in combination with a breath of Europe. They say that this city is a country in itself and everything you need, it offers. This is the capital of flowers and fountains. You will see streets and parks are decorated with the sculptures and other flower compositions

Rundale Palace: This palace is situated in the southern part of Latvia. Most of its interior was decorated between 1765 to 1768 when a sculptor from Berlin came here. In this palace, visitors can see the Whitehall, and the great gallery.

If people in Latvia Travel want to know more about its history, they can visit the Rundale Palace Museum. You will find different historical artifacts there, music festivals are also held here.

Visitors can also see the French style rose garden, which is spread over a hectare.