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This land was populated as early as the Stone Age; this was prehistoric period when the stone tools were used. In in the 15th century Kazaks were identified as a culture and they developed their language in the next century. They defended themselves from Mongol tribes after they became stronger.

In the 19th century, Russian Empire was expanding in Central Asia. It captured most parts of Kazakhstan, which they finally colonized. This resulted in four lakh Russians settled in this country, Germans and Slavs followed this.

In the year 1991, Kazakhstan declared its independence as a member of the union of Socialist republics. The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana and currency is Kazakhstani Tenge.

Kazakhstan's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Astana capital city: This is a well-known city in travel niche and famous for its captivating architecture. The 150 m Bayterek Tower and Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, which was designed by Norman Foster makes it a much sought after tourist destination. Thousands of people are coming on Kazakhstan Tour every year to visit this city. The idea of this modern capital of Astana was born in the mind of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. They unveiled this new capital in 1998 and it was awarded city of peace by UNESCO. This is contributing in Kazakhstan Tourism. Read More...

Almaty city: This is the formal capital of Kazakhstan, until 1997 when the capital was shifted to Astana. This city has mild temperature and this is the reason there are lots of Apple trees everywhere; Almaty means 'City of Apple Trees'. In the backdrop of high-rise buildings, you will see impressive mountains. This is the ninth largest city in the world and a perfect place for Kazakhstan Holiday. Read More...

Medeu Rink: The Medeu rink is a soviet era athletic facility developed in 1949 for skating and bandy area. Bandy is a winter sport played on ice; in this game, players use sticks to hit the ball and make a goal. This is rink is situated at 700 m above the sea level. This rink has an area of 10,500 square meters and it is the highest skating rink around the globe. Read More...

Kolsai Lakes: You will see three alpine lakes here situated between altitudes of 1700 to 2650 meters. These lakes have clear water and the surrounding snowcapped mountains are making it an ideal location for photography. You can take part in horse riding. You also have an option of taking the horse for full day on rent and explore the beauty of this place.

Zenkov Cathedral: There is no doubt in it that this is an architectural wonder constructed without using a single nail. This entire building is constructed with wood and it is located in Panifilov Park, Almaty. If you are interested in history or culture, then this building will make your day. This is a Russian Orthodox cathedral, which has intriguing art and furnishing and is open for public. People of Kazakhstan Travel are supposed to dress properly before visiting any religious buildings.

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre: Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre is situated in the capital of Kazakhstan and its unique design is attracting millions of visitors every year. This is a modern architectural building and a perfect place for shopping and entertainment.