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Hunters-gatherers settled in this land in 8000 BC and around 4000 BC with the arrival of farmers agriculture was started, this was the beginning of new Stone Age.

There is a long history of tension between British rulers and Irish public. It ended when the Irish parliament was abolished in 1978. Due to starvation and diseases, millions of Irish people emigrated. This shows the clear effect on its population until now.

Right now, the population of Ireland is same as it was in 1870. In 1914, British Parliament gave it a right to form self-government. This country was neutral during World War II, it joined European Union in 1973. Its capital is Dublin and currency is Euro.

Ireland's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Dublin City: After Rome, Paris and London, this city is at fourth most sought after tourist destination in the Europe. Its attractive Georgian architecture is another feather in its crown. This is small and easily accessible city, which makes it friendly for tourists. People coming on Ireland Travel love to visit this city again and again. Read More...

The Cliffs of Moher: These cliffs will give you a spectacular view; they are 8 km long with a height of 230 m above the ground level. O’ Brien’s Tower was built by a landlord and it is situated on a high point. This gives photographers an opportunity to take their best shots. If it is a clear day, you can see five countries and Aran Islands from here. This tourists destination is enhancing Ireland Tourism. Read More...

The Rock of Cashel: This 12th century round tower is an archaeological site. This is the most visited site of Ireland and the round tower is the oldest building. Gothic cathedral was built between 1230 and 1270. You can also see a 15th century castle. In the museum, you can see Cross of St. Patrick. They also organize audiovisual show to let the tourists coming on Ireland Holiday know more about this place. Read More...

Killarney National Park: You will see the highest mountain range of Ireland, which has the height of about 1000 m. In the foothills, there is a famous lake Killarney. This National Park covers an area of 10,236 hectare and has everything from mountains to lakes and waterfalls to woods to enhance its scenic beauty. The focus of tourists visiting this National Park is Muckross House and gardens. It has something of international importance, Oak woods.

The Ring of Kerry: When you will take the route of N70, you will see some of the old towns and other wonderful panoramic views. It is believed that every bus, which is on Ireland tour is supposed to take a ritual loop around the ring. In order to go there you can take a car and check open-air museum and sheep farm. Queen Victoria stayed here for three days. You can do freshwater fishing here to catch salmon.

Glendalough: For thousands of years people are coming to the Valley of two lakes. It has mesmerizing beauty and abundant wildlife. This is a place, which will relax your mind and refresh your soul. The Christian settlement in this area dates back to 6th century.