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History of Hungary dates back to ice age when humans have to kill mammoth and reindeer for food with stone weapons. Around 5000 BC, they started farming with stone tools and developed bronze tools in 2000 BC. Use of iron was started in 800 BC and trade was started in 500 BC. In the First World War, this country was fighting with Germans.

In 1918, the monarchy ended and the republic of Hungary came into origination. After World War II, soviets took over this country and stayed in power for 44 years. In 1989, Hungary became independent and joined NATO. At present, it is a member of European Union. Its capital is Budapest and currency is Hungarian forint.

Hungry's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Budapest capital city: This is the capital of Hungary and Danube River separates it in two parts. This city is situated in the middle of this country. It is known as the seventh largest city in Europe. You can see several World Heritage sites and this includes the millennium Underground Railway, Andrassy Avenue, the Buda castle and the bank of Danube. You will find geothermal springs and thermal water cave system here. More than 3 million tourists are visiting this capital city every year and this is contributing in Hungry Tourism. Read More...

Buda Castle Budapest: The first castle of this country was built in 13th century after Mongol invasion. They constructed the first castle with thick walls around it. In the present scenario, there are no remains of this castle and even the historians are not sure about its precise location.

King Lajos laid the foundation stone of this Buda castle and it was completed in 1356. At that time, it was one of the best palaces in the Europe with an impressive hall. People coming on Hungry Travel must visit this castle.

Lake Balaton: This lake has thermal spa resorts and volcanic mountains near to this lake. On one side, you will also find wine yards and national park. It will take you around one hour from Budapest to reach at this location. This is the largest lake of Central Europe and people coming on Hungry Tour must enjoy water sports, music, food and sun. This is a freshwater lake with a length of 50 miles. Read More...

Szechenyi Thermal Bath: This is the most sought after thermal baths in Budapest. This is 100 years old natural hot spring spa and more than hundred millions of people have enjoyed in warm and medicinal waters. There are 18 pools in it and they are open every day throughout the year even on national holidays. You can visit geothermal pools and opt for a massage and sauna. It was first discovered in 1880 and from that time people are benefiting from these natural springs. Read More...

Eger: This is a historical town situated in the northern part of the Hungary and famous for red wine, Castle, Turkish remains and Baroque palaces. They economy of this city flourished in the middle ages when winemaking business was established. Tourist coming on Hungry Holiday often visit this city for wine tasting.

Pecs: You may not have heard about this city, this is located at a distance of three hours from Budapest. This city has more than 2000 years of history. You can also see Christian Necropolis, which is a UNESCO world Heritage site.