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It is believed that the inhabitants of this country were the first Europeans. Georgia is a place of interest for travelers as well as traders because of its geographical location.

Romans, Greeks and Persians have dominated this country. In the seventh century, the Arabs came to this land and this is the reason for its diverse culture.

It was under Russian Empire and it became independent in 1918. The best part is that they have still preserved its cultural traditions. In 1921, it came under the Soviet Union. Georgia became independent after the Soviet Union ended. Its capital is Tbilisi and currency is Georgian Lari.

Georgia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Tbilisi City: Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and you can see a perfect blend of Eastern and Western civilizations in this city. It is situated on the River of Kura surrounded by hills. Georgian are modern, but they also focus on their local traditions and culture. It is a small town, which invites tourists and plays a significant role in Georgia Tourism. Read More...

Tusheti National Park: This is located in a remote place and offers incredible sights of nature. You will find stone towers, and villages in this area. The Tusheti national park was established in 2003. It has spectacular views of the people on Georgia Travel like lakes, Alpine meadows and pine forests. The protected area includes 10,694 for nature reserve and 83,453 for National Park with a protected landscape of 27903 ha. Read More...

Mtskheta: The historical monuments are situated at a distance of 20 km from the capital city Tbilisi. You will find Jvari monastery, Samtavro monastery and Svetitstkhoveli Cathedral. The favorable atmosphere and strategic location of this place made good relations with the Persians and the Roman Empire. The Cathedral and the monastery are the monuments of the mediaeval period. This place is preserved under the status of archaeological architectural status. Read More...

Vardzia ancient cave: This amazing cave is attracting people from around the globe. Several articles have been written in travel blogs as well as in journals to describe about this rock carved fortress. Vardzia is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region and spread over an area of 500 meters. This cave has 600 rooms and known as the honor of Georgians. This site is included in the UNESCO world cultural Heritage sites.

Uplistsikhe: Uplistsikhe is situated at a distance of 10 km from the town of Gori. This town is famous for the birthplace of Stalin. You can see different rock formations chambers. You will be surprised to know that this place dates back to 2nd century BC. An earthquake destroyed this historical place in 1920. Now UNESCO has listed it and working to preserve it. Archaeologists have found several temples of sun goddesses. This cave can be classified into three parts; central part, lower part and the upper area. This cave covers an area of 40,000 square meters. People on Georgia Tour must visit this place.

Batumi: This is also known as the "Pearl of the Black Sea". This is one of the beautiful places situated in the south west of Georgia. Borders of Turkey are also near to this place. Tourists admire the pristine and untouched nature of this region. People coming on Georgia Holiday will enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.