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Archaeological evidences have proved that this place was populated around 10,000 BC. Nomadic tribes started agriculture in 3500 BC. It was never a part of Roman Empire, but when the Germans came here, the entire scenario was changed.

Germans and Russians overpowered this country, but Estonians were not willing to give up. In 1991, they declared their independence. At present Estonia is strengthening its economy and has replaced communism. Its capital is Tallinn and currency is Euro, Estonian mark.

Estonia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Tallinn capital city: This is a well preserved of mediaeval city situated in the northern part of the Europe. Its enchanting architecture is attracting thousands of tourists every year. This is a much sought after place for people coming on Estonia Tour as well as locals. It has museums bars, and restaurants and galleries to tell you about its history. In 1997, this old town was listed with UNESCO world Heritage sites. You can pay a visit to 15th century buildings and cobblestone streets. Shop at Viru Street and see 14th century town hall and 19th century cathedral in this city. This capital city is contributing a lot in Estonia Tourism. Read More...

Otepaa skiing resort: If you love skiing, then this is a perfect place for you to visit. You can visit this place for skiing and snowboarding. The instructors of this ski resort are friendly and well trained. They will guide you as how to use a ski or a snowboard. Their training will make you capable of fulfilling the task with perfection even if you are a novice. Read More...

Parnu Beach: This sandy beach is situated at a 15 minutes' walk from the city centre. You will find thousands of sun worshippers and swimmers at this beach. This is a perfect place for children because the water is not deep. This park has several fun attractions to offer and engage your kids like mini golf, swings, surfing equipment and lots of ice cream. Read More...

Tartu: This city is also known as the intellectual hub of the Estonia. This is the oldest city of this nation and this makes it a much sought after destination. University of Tartu, which is a famous educational hub also located in this city. People on Estonia Travel are astonished to see 18th-century buildings. Another attraction of this place is soup neighborhood.

Lahemaa National Park: This National Park is a perfect place for day trip as it is situated just an hour’s drive from the capital city. This is a famous and much sought after national parks in Estonia. Visit this park to see Viru Bog. You can easily explore Viru Bog by walking on the boardwalk, which has a length of 5 km. In the middle of this park, Sagadi village is situated, this place will tell you a lot about the culture and history of this region.

Saaremaa: This is the largest island of Estonia situated in the Baltic Sea. Its history dates back to 8000 years and swedes, Danes, Germans and Russians have ruled over this place. A mediaeval castle is situated at this place and at present, it houses a regional museum. If you are interested in sightseeing, bird watching hiking and photography, then this is the right place to visit for people on Estonia Holiday.