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There is enough evidence to prove that this country was populated in the Neolithic age. Germanic tribes were settledin this country in the 3rd century BC. Other people also moved to this area and the Slavic people are among the other tribes settled in this country.

In the 5th century A.D., Bohemian Kingdom was founded. They ruled over this country from the 10th to 16th century. Several kings have ruled over this country, but Charles IV Premsyl Otakar has contributed a lot in the development of this country. Czek also faced the Dark Age. This country was a part of Czechoslovakia and separated itself through the Velvet Revolution. Now, the Czeck Republic is a member of NATO and European Union. Its capital is Prague and currency is Czech Koruna.

Czech's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Prague capital city: Pragua is locally called Praha and influence of Europe can be clearly seen in this city. This is a well-known travel destination, which is unforgettable. You will be surprised to see its architectural styles. Every minute artistic detail is beautifying the building and giving a visual delight to eyes. There are several attractions in this city like Charles Bridge, and Prague castle. Most of its historical monuments are well preserved and this is contributing in Czech Tourism. In 1992, this historic city was included in the list of UNESCO's world Heritage list. Read More...

Karlovy Vary: This world-famous spa town is also famous by its German name Karlsbad. Casanova, Beethoven, Mozart have visited this place. Several representatives of the world film fraternity visit this place on a regular basis. The International film Festival is organized here every year in July. The location of Kalova Vary makes it a beautiful place for Czech Tour. Thermal springs are enhancing the popularity of this much sought after place. Read More...

Bohemian Paradise: This is a place, which has inspired several painters, dreamers and writers. The presence of bizarre rock formations, castle, pine forests and villages is making it a fairytale location. People on Czech Holiday can check in timber cottages and relax your mind body and soul. Read More...

Kutna Hora: This much sought after tourist destination is situated at a distance of one-hour drive from the capital city Prague. In 1995, this was included in the list of world Heritage sites. The churches, street and houses of this city have a long and rich history, which is full of events. People on Czech Travel must visit the symbol of Kutna Hora, the Cathedral of St Barbara.

Cesky Krumlov: This town is located on the riverbank of Vitava, in the southern part of Czech. The rocky slopes of the nearby hill are making the landscape picturesque. Cesky Krumlov Castle is near to this place. You can see six-story chateau tower from the renaissance period. This town is a perfect example of medieval town. The layout of its street is a typical example of how they planned their streets.

Castle Karlstejn: Czech King and roman emperor Charles IV built this castle in 1348. This is the same year they founded the New town of Prague. This castle was built according the Gothic style and later they have made some changes. This castle is located on a hill, which is surrounded by other hills that is why you cannot see it unless you get close to it. You will start with St. Catherine Chapel and walk over the wooden bridge to reach the castle.