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The remains of Neanderthals, which are found in Croatia, are 30,000 years old. Greeks conquered a part of Croatia the 14th century BC. Romans came after Greeks and they ruled for a longer period. In the 7th century, several tribes came here from Poland and settled in northern and southern regions. They accepted Christianity and established their own states. In 1941 Germany invaded Croatia and in 1945 Republic of Yugoslavia was created. This is Republic contained Bosnia and Herzegovina, serbiae, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia. In 1991, Croatia separated itself from Yugoslavia. Croatia is worth visiting for its culture, coastline, scenic beauty and many more things. Its capital is Zagreb and currency is Croatian Kuna.

Croatia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Zagreb city: This is a capital of Croatia, you will not find beaches or Adriatic Sea in this city, but this has so many things to offer that people coming on Croatia Tour would not have contemplated before. You will find several restaurants, bars and cafes. They are also organizing regular events in this city. People on Croatia Travel will find accommodation in accordance with their budget. This city is just a good competitor to other Central European cities like Budapest and Prague and enhancing Croatia Tourism. Read More...

This city can be divided in three parts; first part is 1000 years old. You will find a presidential palace, church and museums in this part. The second part or lower town has theatres, parks, restaurants and shops. The third part is developed after World War II so it does not have much to offer.

Dubrovnik: The old city of Dubrovnik is also known as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'. A part of this historic city was damaged in 1667 by an earthquake. Dubrovnik has well preserved its renaissance, baroque churches, palaces, fountains and monasteries. A part of this land was again damaged in 1990. They have restored it in coordination with UNESCO. Read More...

Plitvice Lakes National Park: In 1979 Plitvice Lakes National Park was included in the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites. This park is situated between the capital city Zagreb and Zadar. This is a must to visit location in Croatia. You will be mesmerized to see that there are 16 Lakes in this national park and they are well connected by a series of waterfalls. In the woods, you will find wolves, bear, dear, boar and rare species of birds. This park is spread over an area of 300 square kilometers. Read More...

Hvar: This island is located at an important strategic position and known as the 'Queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands'. Visitors will enjoy the warm winters and pleasant summers of this island. This small city is attracting travellers as well as scientists who are interested in its architecture, Mediterranean nature and nightlife.

Rovinj: This old town is in the list of most romantic Croatia cities. You will find many tourists, which are faithfully returning every year on Croatia Holiday. They like the mild Mediterranean climate and well-designed parks. This city has neat and clean streets and the local people are friendly. You can see church, monastery, castle and a museum to know better about its history.

Korcula: This island is one of the greenest islands and a much sought after travel destination in Croatia. You will find archipelago, beautiful beaches and many more things in this small city. You will find churches, museums and galleries. It is said that Marco Polo a famous world traveller was born here.