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Tharcians populated this part of the land, which we know as Bulgaria, they were Indo-European tribes. They built their villages at hilltops. After 100 AD, the Romans conquered this country, later it was divided into two parts of Roman Empire and one part known as Byzantium weakened. Ottomans ruled over this country for a period of 50 years. During World War I it was an ally of central powers and in World War II, it joined hands with Germany because of this USSR attacked on this country. In 1990, a new constitution came into origination. This country joined NATO in 2004 and at present, it is a member of European Union.

Bulgaria's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Sofia Capital city: Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria and it has a history of thousands of years. It is located in west of Bulgaria and has a population of 12,50,000. It is situated at an altitude of 550 m with moderate climate. This city has cold winters, but not hot summers. In summers, the maximum temperature is 20°C. People coming on Bulgaria Tour will find many attractions of historical importance and museums in this city. Boyana church is listed in the list of UNESCO world Heritage sites. Vazov National Theatre is among the top buildings of Sofia. Read More...

Rila National Park: The best route to enter this national park is by Sophia Ring Road and from there you can take Road number 82. This national park is situated at a distance of hundred kilometers from the capital city, Sophie. In this area, you will find over 120 lakes and rivers to lure tourists. You can stay in Borovets, which is a small city and it serves as a resort to the people coming from different parts of the world to see historical and cultural places in this park. Read More...

Belogradchik: The Belogradchik fortress is located in close proximity of the Belogradchik town. It covers an area of 10,210 square meters. Tourists can take a beautiful view of the surroundings from the highest point of this fortress, which is also known as First Slab. Read More...

Veliko Tarnovo: This town is located in northern Bulgaria and it is also an administrative center. The location of this town makes it a beautiful place Bulgaria Travel, which is at a distance of 241 km from Sofia. Within 10 km from this town, you will find an airport. This town can be reached by train as well as by bus. You can see a mediaeval fortress here and Patriach’s church.

Burgas: This is one of the best places to live in Bulgaria. You can have a view of Sea gardens and enjoy at the beach. Tourists coming from different parts of the world find it a little difficult to pronounce its name correctly. People coming on Bulgaria Holiday can take local help to correct your pronunciation. It is the fourth largest city of this country and the strategic location of this place makes it a must visit place. Most of the attractions of this area are within the radius of 35 to 50 km.

Rila Monastery: this monastery has an important place in the tourist destinations of Bulgaria and it is situated in the recesses of Rila Mountain. It is at a distance of 120 km from the capital city, Sofia. This monastery was started in the 10th century and its history is connected to the first Bulgarian hermit. In 1961, this monastery was given the status of national museum; in 1983, it was included in the list of UNESCO. It is a five-dome building and a functioning monastery. It also plays a significant role in enhancing Bulgaria Tourism.