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This land was under the Roman Empire and after the Roman Empire ended, this region was called Bosnia. Ottoman Turks came to Bosnia in 1463 and they ruled in this country until the 18th century. After the Turks, it became a part of Austria-Hungary. When the World War I first broke out it became a part of Yugoslavia. Even after the war, things remained same for Bosnians. Yugoslavia adopted communism with the end of World War II. Bosnians tried hard for their independence and they declared their independence in 1992. Soon after their declaration, United Nations recognized them as a country. Its capital is Sarajevo and currency is Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark.

Bosnia's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Sarajevo city: Sarajevo has a rich and diverse history and this is the reason why this city is also known as "Jerusalem of the Europe". In this city, you will find Catholic Church, a mosque, synagogue and an Orthodox church in close vicinity to each other. This city is also known as the fastest growing cities in Bosnia and contributing in Bosnia Tourism. At present, this is going through a post-war reconstruction phase. Sarajevo will host European Youth Olympic Festival in 2019. Read More...

Kravice Falls: This is a wonderful natural site in Herzegovinan region of Bosnia and situated on the Trebizat River. The State government is protecting this area, but people on Bosnia Tour can visit this destination for camping, swimming and enjoying picnic over here. You will see poplar and fig trees in this area. This waterfall has a height of 83 feet and a length of 500 feet. Read More...

Bjelasnica Skiing resorts: This key resort is situated on the ninth highest mountain in Bosnia. The slopes for skiing end at a height of 1270 m from the sea level. Mt Bjelasnica has hosted Alpine skiing competitions in the past; you will find snow up to 200 days in a year. Snowboarders and the skiing lovers start their season in November, but the actual time for skiing is starts from December 15 to April 15. People coming on Bosnia Holiday can take apartments on rent. Igman is situated at a distance of 10 minutes' drive from here.

Vjetrenica Cave: Have you read Julius Verne's book 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'. After seeing this place you will resemble it to the same magical world. The history of this cave goes back to the first century. This cave is situated in Bosnia, and people on Bosnia Travel cannot afford to miss this wonderful location. The meaning of the word Vjetrenica is 'the wind'. Read More...

Pocitelj: This is a small hillside town situated at a historic site. You will see a beautiful mosque, a citadel and cafes in this town. The main construction of the city was completed in mediaeval period and Ottoman Empire. In 1996, this city was added in the list of most endangered cultural heritage sites. The mosque of Ibrahim Pasha, Medersa, Hammam and a clock tower can be seen here. In 2008, reconstruction project was started by the government to re-establish the people who were migrated from here.

City of Mostar: This is a historic town situated on the River Neretva. This town was developed under the rule of Ottomans and later in 19th century. This city is well known for its Turkish houses, and old Bridge.