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Versailles Town Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 14-Aug-2023

About Versailles Town destination: Versailles is a commune (Town) which is placed near of the Paris central capital city in France country. Versailles town gardens of Versailles is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also called as Royal city which was established by King Louis XIV.

Distance from Versailles Town: Versailles commune is very well connected to other France regional places via air, train and road transport.

  • Versailles town is just 21.5 KM distance from Paris city centre.
  • Reims city is just 167.4 KM distance.
  • Amiens city is just 155.1 KM distance.
  • Rouen city is just 125.7 KM distance.
  • Lille city is just 241.0 KM far.
  • Calais city is just 303.8 KM distance.

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Versailles Town Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 3.0 3.1 5.5 7.3 10.8 13.7 13.7 15.6 12.7 9.8 6.1 3.7
Average High (℃) 6.9 9.1 13.0 16.4 20.4 23.5 25.9 25.8 22.0 17.2 11.5 8.1

How can come to Versailles Town: Versailles commune (Town) is placed in western of the Paris city which is very good connected to other European countries and other France regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries people can come to Versailles commune (Town) via air transport. Paris city has three international airports.

Air Transport: Paris-Orly International airport is a busy international airport where passengers can get air flights to other France regional places and other overseas countries. Paris-Orly International airport is just 23.1 KM distance from Versailles commune.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main International airport of the Paris city where passengers can get air flights to other overseas countries which is just 43.9 KM distance from Versailles commune.

Water Transport: Versailles commune is not a coastal or port town where has not water transport services to other overseas countries and other French regional places.

Train Transport: Versailles-Chantiers Travel Terminals is a local train station and subway station where passengers can get train transport services to other local Paris area and other France local places.

Gare du Nord is the international railway station where passengers can get different types trains to other France remote places and other European countries. Gare du Nord train station is just 22.5 KM distance from Versailles commune.

Versailles Town tourists attractions: Versailles commune has several famous places to visit which some are Park of Versailles - State park, The Grand Trianon - Historical landmark, Palace of Versailles, Queen’s Hamlet - Historical place museum, Versailles-Chevreloup Arboretum, Camping Huttopia Versailles, Galerie des Batailles - Museum, Foret domaniale de Fausses-Reposes - National forest, Lambinet - Art museum, Espace Richaud - Museum, Apollo Fountain - Sculpture, Piece d'Eau des Suisses - Historical landmark, Camping Huttopia Versailles etc.

Versailles Town famous Restaurants & accommodations: Versailles commune has several luxury and affordable types hotels to stay. Versailles commune some famous restaurants are La Chalosse - Restaurant, Residhome Paris Guyancourt - 3-star tourist residence, Greet Hotel Versailles - Voisins Le Bretonneux, Hippopotamus - Restaurant, Burger King - Fast food restaurant, La Chalosse - Restaurant, Hotel le Versailles - 4-star tourist hotel, Le Montbauron - Bar, Les Petits Apparts de Versailles, Hôtel Des Lys - 3-star tourist hotel, Chambre d'hote L'Orangerie White-Palacio, Royal Hotel Versailles etc.