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Solothurn City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 9-May-2022

About Solothurn city / town destination: Solothurn city / town is a famous tourists places in Switerland country. Solothurn town / city is placed on bank of the River Aare. Solothurn city / town is located in natural beautiful location where also has mountains peaks, forest, natural water lakes and many more nature attractions which all make city / town more beautiful. Solothurn town / city is just 0 KM distance from Bern capital city. Solothurn is a well destination to explore Switzerland local peopls social, culture and modern life style. Solothurn town / city is also covered by snow in winter season while in summer season it become more greenery.

Distances from Solothurn City:-

  • Solothurn town / city is exact 40.4 KM distance from Bern city.
  • Zurich commercial business city is just 94.8 KM distance.
  • Basel Germany - France border city is exact 71.5 KM distance.
  • Geneva UN city placed is just 195.8 KM far.
  • Lucerne city is exact 82.0 KM distance.
  • St. Gallen city is just 177.3 KM distance.
  • Lausanne city is just 145.5 KM far.
  • Thun lake city is exact 66.0 KM distance.
  • Winterthur city is just 114.9 KM distance.

Switzerland is a good holiday destination in Europe which is placed in central Europe region. Switzerland is a nature beautiful country where has several natural water lakes, snow glaciers, snow capped mountains, green grass lands, deep forests and many more. Switzerland is a famous destination in all over world to enjoy winter and summer both types vacation. Switzerland country has four major cities which some are Geneva UN city, Bern capital city and Zurich business city of the Swiss country. Switzerland is a popular destination to enjoy honeymoon which is the most famous honeymoon destination in the world. Switzerland tour trip and UK London tour trip .

Solothurn City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -3.6 -3.1 0.2 3.0 7.4 10.5 12.5 12.3 8.9 5.4 0.4 -2.3
Average High (℃) 2.8 4.7 9.5 13.4 18.2 21.6 24.3 23.7 19.1 13.8 7.3 3.5

How can come to Solothurn city / town: Solothurn town / city is good jointed to other Switzerland domestic places via air transport, train transport and road transport. Solothurn city / town is also good connected other European countries via air transport, road transport and train transport. foreign countries passengers can come to Solothurn town via air transport. Swiss country major airports are Zurich international airport, Bern international airport and Geneva international airport.

Grenchen Airport: Grenchen Airport is a regional airport where people can get flights to other Switzerland domestic places. Swiss country all major cities has regional airport and heliport to air transport.

Bern Airport: Bern is the capital city of the Switzerland country which is just 40 KM distance from Solothurn city / town. Bern city has the third busiest international airport of the Switzerland country where people can get flights to overseas countries and domestic places.

Solothurn - Travel Terminals: Solothurn city / town also has a busy railway station where people can get trains to other Swiss domestic places along with other European countries. tourists also can get here trains to other European countries such as France, Italy, Germany and Austria etc.

Solothurn city / town tourists attractions: there are lots of famous places in Solothurn town / city to visit which some are Kunstmuseum Solothurn - Museum, Old Arsenal Museum, Zeitglockenturm Solothurn - Historical landmark, Puerta de Basilea (Baseltor) - Historical landmark, Museum ENTER - Technology museum, Migros Supermarkt, Kino Canva - Movie theater, Kino Casablanca - Movie theater, Stadion FC Solothurn, Solothurn Middle Bruhl - American football field etc.

Solothurn city / town famous Restaurants & accommodations: Solothurn city has lots of popular hotels accommodations stay. Solothurn town / city some famous restaurants are H4 Hotel Solothurn, Gigus Kitchen - Family restaurant, Trattoria City West - Restaurant, Wengi's Kitchen - Restaurant, Joy's Thai Restaurant - Thai restaurant, Aarebar Solothurn - Pizza restaurant, Apple 's Cafe Bar & Thai Cusine - Restaurant, 19th Alley Burger & Co. - Hamburger restaurant etc.