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Philharmonie de Paris Europe Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 27-Feb-2023

About Philharmonie de Paris Destination: The Philharmonie de Paris is a famous tour destination in Paris capital city of the France country. The Paris Philharmonic was opened in 2015 which is a Concert hall type place.

  • Philharmonie de Paris Location: Paris City, France.
  • Philharmonie de Paris Address: 221 Av. Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France.
  • Philharmonie de Paris Opened Year: 2015 .
  • Philharmonie de Paris Architect: Jean Nouvel.
  • Philharmonie de Paris Capacity: 2400.

How Can Reach to Philharmonie de Paris: It is located in Paris central capital city of the France country, Europe. Paris city is well connected to other European countries and French regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries passengers can come to Paris city via air transport where has the busiest international airport of the French country.

By Air Transport: Paris city has three airports which names are Paris Charles de Gaulle International airport, Paris Airport-Le Bourget - International airport and Orly Airport.

By train Transport: Paris city has international railway station where passengers can get train transport services to other French domestic places and other European countries.

Things to Do near of Philharmonie de Paris: people can do lots of types activities in Paris central capital city which some are watch historical, arts & nature museums of the Paris city, enjoy water sports into the Seine River, watch capital city historical and modern buildings, explore local people and culture activities etc.

Tourists attractions near of Philharmonie de Paris: passengers can watch several historical and modern places in Paris central capital city which some are the following.

Attractions near Philharmonie de Paris - complex of concert halls: Exposition Cite de la musique - Museum, Le Balcon - French restaurant, Kermes - Bar, Trabendo - Live music venue, Bambous Garden, Ombres Garden, Jardin des voltiges - Garden, Prairie du Cercle Sud - City park, Treille Garden, The Hall of Song - Performing arts theater etc.

Other famous places in Paris central capital city: Folie des Vents et des Dunes - Recreation center, Jardins Passagers - Garden, Miroirs Garden, Little Villette - Children's amusement center, La Villette Cite Jardin / Bureaux - Historical landmark, Theatre Paris-Villette - Performing arts theater, Cite de la Musique - Live music venue, City of Science and Industry - Science museum, Argonaute Submarine - Sous-marin - Museum etc. Europe holiday tour is a very good plan to Philharmonie de Paris - complex of concert halls trip which is located in Paris capital city of the France country, Europe.

Japan holiday tour is a very well idea to Matsuyama coastal city travel which is located in Japan country. Matsuyama is modern and beautiful city which is placed in southern of the Japan country. Matsuyama city situated on bank of the River Shigenobu which dropped further into the Sea. Matsuyama coastal city is well connected to other Japanese places via air, water, train and road transport.

Matsuyama coastal city has several famous places to visit which some are Matsuyama Castle, Kutsunayama Castle Ruins - Historical landmark, Matsuyama Shrine - Shinto shrine, Chukonsha - Shinto shrine, Takahama Station - Train station, Tobe Zoological Park, Tsubaki-jinja Shrine - Shinto shrine, Toishiyama Park, Goshikihime Seaside Park, Botchan Stadium, Matsuyama City Station, Matsuyama City Park, Cinema Sunshine Kinuyama - Movie theater, Fashion Center Shimamura - Clothing store, 2nd Street Matsuyama Chuo - Used clothing store, Gorudo Japan Matsuyamaten - Thrift store, Ehime University - Public university, Ishiteji Temple - Buddhist temple, Setokaze Pass Observatory, Matsuyama Airport, Ehime Prefectural Sports Complex, Iozan Yojyuin Jyoruriji - Buddhist temple etc.