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Palermo City Italy Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 21-Nov-2021

About Palermo City destination: Palermo is a popular tourists place in Italy country of the Europe region which is situated in southern of the Italy country. Palermo is a coastal city of the Italy country which is well connected to domestic cities via road transport, water transport, air transport and train transport while foreign countries tourists also can come via air transport and water transport.

Palermo is a beautiful coastal city which is also Sicily region capital city. the Palermo city was founded in 736 BC which is also an ancient Roman Empire a famous city. The city Elevation from sea level is 14 metres. Palermo city is just 923.5 KM distance from Rome city, Milan city is exact 1467.0 KM distance, Venice city is exact 1421.8 KM far, Genoa city is exact 1396.6 KM far, Naples city is just 715.8 KM far, Catania city is exact 210.2 KM distance and Bari city is just 665.5 KM distance.

How can come to Palermo City: the city is well connected to domestic cities via road transport, air transport, water transport and train transport. Foreign countries passengers can come to city via water transport and air transport.Japan holiday vacation and Europe holiday vacation .

Portp di Palermo - Ferry Terminal is just 2.4 KM distance from Palermo city centre. It is a famous ferry / cruise ship terminal where passengers can get water transport services to domestic cities and foreign countries.

Palermo international Airport is exact 30.9 KM far from Palermo city centre. It is a international airport of the Palermo city where passengers can get flights to foreign countries and domestic cities. It is a busy international airport of the Italy country.

Palermo City famous tourist paces: it is a ancient age city which was established during the Pre Roman Empire period where has several famous places to visit which some are Casa Florio - Palazzina dei Quattro Pizzi, Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia in Monte Pellegrino, Spiaggia Libera, Mondello Beach, Riserva Naturale di Capo Gallo - Nature preserve, Grotta dell'olio - Park, Villa Niscemi - Park, Castello della Zisa - Castle, Catacombe dei Cappuccini - Museum, Orto Botanico dell'Università degli Studi di Palermo - Botanical garden, Castello di Maredolce - Castle, Comune di Palermo - City or town hall etc.

Palermo City famous restaurants & accommodations: the city has several accommodations and restaurants to eat Italian delicious foods which some are Ristorante Quattro mani - Restaurant, Scjabaca - Restaurant, Pot Cucina - Restaurant, Seven Restaurant, Frank Daniel's Panini - Fast food restaurant, Trattoria Trapani - Down home cooking restaurant, Pizzeria Polleria Zummo - Pizza restaurant, Eremiti Restaurant - Italian restaurant, MEC - Restaurant, Moltivolti - Restaurant, BANGLA FAST FOOD - Fast food restaurant, Seven Restaurant, Ribs & Burger - Restaurant, Totò e Nelino - Restaurant etc.