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Nimes Roman Monuments Europe Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 14-Aug-2021

About Nimes Roman Monuments France Destination: Nimes is a historical city which is located in southern of the French country which is exact 714 KM far from Paris city. The Nimes city was founded by Roman during Roman Empire. People can visit here several historical monuments like Amphitheatre, Roman temple, Roman Bastion and many more which was built during Roman Empire.

  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Location: Nimes City, France.
  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Address: Pl. de la Maison Carree, 30000 Nimes, France.
  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Established Year: 4–7 AD.
  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Height: 17.1 metres.
  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Ticket Price (Entry Fee): Paid.
  • Nimes Roman Monuments Maison carree Timings (Open Hours): 9.30 am to 7.00 pm

How Can Reach to Nimes Roman Monuments France Destination: it is well connected with other domestic cities & European countries train, road and air transport while another countries people can come to water and air transport. Nimes city is just 714 KM distance from Paris capital city, Montpellier is just 57.4 KM far, Lyon city is just 251.8 KM far, Marseille city is just 123.0 KM distance, Nantes is just 873.1 KM far, Geneva city is just 397.1 KM distance.

By Air Transport: Nimes Ales Camargue Cevennes Airport is just 13.6 KM distance from Nimes city downtown. It is a domestic airport where travelers can get only domestic flights.

By Train Transport: Nimes Railway Station is a major trains station where tourists can get trains to another cities and another European countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England etc.

By Water Transport: Port de Sete France is the nearest cruise ship harbour which is just 82.8 KM distance from Nimes city where tourists can get ship to another countries.

Things to Do near of the Nimes Roman Monuments France: there are several options to activities to enjoy vacation in Nimes city in France country like watch Roman historical monuments, watch local French people cultural & social activities, eat French local street foods, shopping gifts etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Nimes Roman Monuments France: there are several historical places in Nimes like the following.

Attractions near of the Roman Monuments: Museum Romanite - Museum, Musee des Cultures Taurines - Museum, Amphitheatre of Nimes, Fontaine Pradier - Fountain, Le monument aux morts - Historical landmark, Jardin de La Fontaine - Historical landmark, Statue Alphonse Daudet etc.

Other attractions in Nimes: Clock Tower - Historical landmark, Nimes Cathedral, Carre d'Art - Art museum, Museum d'histoire naturelle de Nimes, eglise Saint-Baudile de Nimes, Bains romains - Garden, Temple of Diana, Tour Magne - Cultural landmark, Kid's Paradise - Water park, Courbessac Garden, Levraut Garden etc. Europe trip travel is a well plan to Nimes Roman Monuments tour which is located in southern of the France country.

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Niigata city has many famous places to visit like Niigata City Aquarium Marinepia Nihonkai, Denka Big Swan Stadium, Niigata Racecourse, Oyamadai Park, Nishikaigan Park, Aganogawa Park, Niigata Science Museum, Ikutopia - Theme park, Toriyano Tulip Park, Northern Culture Museum, Setsuryosha Museum - Art museum, Tsurui Museum of Art, Niigata City History Museum etc.