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Murcia City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-Oct-2020

About Murcia City: Murcia is located on bank of the Segura river in south eastern of the Spain country. It is just 392 KM distance from Madrid capital city. Murcia is good location to explore Spain country social and cultural activities. Here people can enjoy Spain countries local foods and participate on festivals celebration.

Murcia is a modern city where has mostly facilities of the new age system like health, education, building infrastructure, modern transport system etc.

Murcia City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 4.7 5.9 7.7 9.7 13.3 17.4 20.3 20.9 18.0 13.9 8.9 5.8
Average High (℃) 16.6 18.4 20.9 23.3 26.6 31.0 34.0 34.2 30.4 25.6 20.3 17.2

How to Reach Murcia: It is well connected with air, road, water and train transport system. It is located in south eastern of the country.

By Air Transport: Its nearest major airport is Region de Murcia International Airport which connects city with domestic major cities and foreign countries. Region de Murcia International Airport is exact 27 KM far from city down town.

By Train Transport: Train is a good transport system in Spain country. Murcia also has a major railway station which connects to other major cities of the country like Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Valencia etc. Spain country also has high speed train services which connects country to other European countries via railway transport.

By Road Transport: Road network is very well in Spain country. Murcia is just 392 KM distance from Madrid capital city, Barcelona is just 586 KM far, Zaragoza is exact 546 KM far, Valencia is just 228 Km distance, Malaga is exact 399 KM far and Bilbao is just 783 Km distance.

  • Murcia city is just 50.9 KM distance from Cartagena city.
  • Murcia city is just 80.4 KM distance from Alicante city.
  • Murcia city is just 226.9 KM distance from Valencia city.
  • Murcia city is just 145.8 KM distance from Albacete city.
  • Murcia city is just 218.3 KM distance from Almeria city.
  • Murcia city is just 407.2 KM distance from Malaga city.
  • Murcia city is just 405.4 KM distance from Madrid city.
  • Murcia city is just 583.2 KM distance from Barcelona city.

Things to Do in the Murcia: Travelers can enjoy in Murcia several types of the activities such as watch historical buildings, watch museums, enjoy local foods, watch local people festival activities, Tram riding, try luck on Casino, boating & fishing on Segura River.

Tourists attractions in the Murcia: tourists can visit in Murcia different types of the famous places which are the following.

Famous Place: Museum of Science and Water Science museum, Acuario de la Universidad de Murcia, Real Casino de Murcia Museum, Museo Hidraulico "Los Molinos del Rio Segura" Museum, Museo Salzillo, Museo Ramon Gaya, Real Casino de Murcia, Museum of the City, Murcia Archaeological Museum (MAM), Museo de Santa Clara, Arrabal de la Arrixaca Archaeological museum etc. Europe Tour travel is a well plan to enjoy holiday in Murcia city of the Spain country.

Japan Tour travel is a nice idea to spend holiday in Kumamoto of the Japan country. Kumamoto is located on bank of the Shirakawa River in southern of the country which is just 1186 KM distance from Tokyo capital city and Hiroshima city is just 377 KM far. It is a last famous city of the country in southern which is also a coastal city where has international harbour and airport to transport system.

Kumamoto city has several famous places to visit which some are Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto City Zoological & Botanical Gardens, Hohoategomon gate, Kumamoto Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center, Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art, Kumamoto City Museum, Kumamotoshi Gendai Museum, Josaien, Ninomaru Park, Wakuwakuza History and Cultural Experience, Shimada Museum, Japanese Apricot Garden, Hitsuji-Saru Yagura, Fujisakidai Camphor Tree Group etc.