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Leaning Tower of Pisa Europe Tour

Posted by: Admin; Date: 27-Feb-2021

About Leaning Tower of Pisa Destination: Leaning Tower of Pisa is a famous tourist places in Pisa city of the Italy country which was built in 1372. Its maximum height is 55.86 metres which is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Here come lots of foreigner tourists from all over world to visit Leaning Tower which Leaning 5.5 degrees. It is just 363 KM distance from Rome capital city.

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Location: Pisa, Italy.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Address: Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa PI, Italy.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Built Year: 1372
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Total Height: 57 Metres.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa UNESCO World Heritage Site: Yes, Since 1987.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Architect: Bonanno Pisano.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Ticket Price (Entry Fee): Paid.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa Timings (Open Hours): 9.00 pm to 8.00 pm

How Can Reach to Leaning Tower of Pisa: It is located in Pisa city which has international airport and train station which connects to other cities of the European countries along with Italy domestic cities.

By Air Transport: Pisa International Airport is the nearest airport which is exact 7.2 KM far from Pisa tower. Here tourists can get flights to other European countries along with Italy domestic cities.

By Train Transport: Pisa Central Station is the nearest railway station which is just 3.8 KM distance from Pisa Tower. Tourists can get here trains to other main cities of the Italy country along with other European countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc.

By Road Transport: National Highway - E80, A11, SS1, SS67 connects Pisa city to other places of the Italy country. Leaning Tower of Pisa is just 0 KM distance from Florence city, Milan city is exact 86.8 KM distance, Venice is exact 320.6 KM far, Bologna is just 169.0 KM distance, Rome capital city is just 363.4 KM far and Naples is exact 562.9 KM distance.

Things to Do near of the Leaning Tower of Pisa: tourists can do many adventure and enjoyment activities near of the Leaning Tower of Pisa like Prayer in Cattedrale di Pisa Cathedral, climb on tower, watch museum to explore Roman historical artifacts, eat Italian foods, shopping, explore Italy local people life style and participate in local people festivals etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Leaning Tower of Pisa: people can visit many famous places near of the Leaning Tower of Pisa which includes are the following.

Famous Places: Leaning Tower, Lupa capitolina - Monument, Angelo Caduto, Piazza del Duomo, Baptistery of San Giovanni - Historical landmark, Ancient Walls of Pisa, Lion's Gate, Mura di Pisa, Porta Nuova Pisa, Sinopie Museum, Fontana dei Putti, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo Museum, Foundling Hospice etc.

Churches: Cattedrale di Pisa - Catholic church, Santa Chiara, Chiesa di Sant'Apollonia, Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, San Frediano, St. Stephen Parish, Church of Saint Pius X, Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina, San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno, Santa Maria del Carmine etc. Europe vacation travel is a nice idea to visit Leaning Tower of Pisa which is placed in Italy country of the Europe region.

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Morioka city has many places to visit such as Iwate Museum of Art, Morioka Machiya-Story Museum, Morioka Takuboku & Kenji Museum, Iwate Prefectural Museum, Morioka Zoological Park, Iwayama Park, Iwayama Park Land - Amusement park, Kajima Seiichi Memorial Observatory, Shiwa Castle - Historical landmark, Morioka Children's Museum of Science, Morioka Museum of Archaeology, Morioka Memorial Museum of Great Predecessors, Chuo Park Observatory, Central Park, Shimokawarafureai Park, Takizawa Total Park, Iwate Prefectural Athletic Park, Takamatsu Pond etc.