Things to Eat During Jaipur Tour Holiday

Posted : 24-Feb-2019

Rajasthan is a culturally rich state in India and Jaipur is the largest city in Rajasthan. The city was built in the 18th century and it is India’s First Planned City. The city got its name from the founder of the city, Maharaja Jai Singh II. The city is fondly known as the Pink City. I recently visited Jaipur with my family around New Years. It was a great experience and I really would like to visit Rajasthan one more time! I have decided on Jaipur as the starting point of my first solo journey as a travel writer! Well, there are a lot of things to do in Jaipur. Apart from sightseeing, shopping and relaxing what I really enjoyed the most in Jaipur is the abundance of culinary sites!

Jaipur is the best place for a foodie like me! Whether you are a vegetarian or a true non-vegetarian, Jaipur has great culinary treasures for you to explore. The typical dishes of Jaipur reflect the rich taste and the kind of importance that the locals give to food in general. I loved each and every dish that I tried in Jaipur. Well, I was really excited to get to Jaipur, because of the beautiful hotel in Jaipur that we booked beforehand. We made our hotel bookings with help of one of those travel websites that not only help you find suitable hotels and popular tourist spots buy they also provide a list of great restaurants in the city. The authentic restaurants in Jaipur are the best place to explore the real food culture of the city. Delhi Jaipur tour destination to explore historical places.

Best culinary marvels in Jaipur: Must Try Dishes in Jaipur

There is no dearth of delicious cuisine in Jaipur! All that you need to do is to set your preferences for vegetarian or non-vegetarian foods and then start searching in that direction! Along with tasting the authentic and traditional vegetarian dishes, we tried to explore some extraordinary non-vegetarian dishes. No matter what you eat or explore on your trip to Jaipur, here are some traditional Jaipur dishes that you should not miss!

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is like the real identity of Rajasthani cuisine. The dish is made of dal (lentils), Bati (baked wheat balls) and Churma (powdered sweetened cereal).

Kalakand and Mishri Mawa

This is my most favorite Rajasthani dessert and the best one that you can get in Jaipur and Alwar. You need to try this dessert whether you have a sweet tooth or not!


Ghewar is another dessert dish that you need to try while in Jaipur or Rajasthan. Typically cooked around Makar Sankranti (January) Ghewar is available all year round.

Mawa Kachori
These are delicious Kachoris that are filled with a variety of ingredients including Mawa the best places to try Mawa Kachori are Kanji Sweets or Rawat Sweets in Johri Bazar.

Rajasthan ki Sabji

Various type of Sabjis including Gatte ki Sabji, Ker Sangari, Mangori, Pakodi, etc. are the dishes by which the Rajasthani cuisine and food culture is recognized by. All the restaurants in Rajasthan serve a variety of these special sabjis.

Rajasthan ki Roti

All the sabjis that I mentioned above are traditionally eaten with one of the types of rotis, including Bajre Ki Roti, Besan ki Roti, Puri, Makki Ki Roti, Parantha, Jau-Channa Ki Roti, Cheelra, Methi Puri, Naan, Rumali Roti, etc.
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