Itsukushima Shrine

Japan Tour to Visit Itsukushima Shrine UNESCO Site

Posted by: Admin; Date: 29-Aug-2020

About Itsukushima Shrine: Itsukushima Shrine is located on Itsukushima Island which nearest major city is Hiroshima. Itsukushima Shrine is also a UNESCO world heritage site from 1996. It is a famous pilgrimage of the Japanese people where also has floating torii gate and Mount Misen holy peak. Itsukushima Shrine is a most visited place of the Japan country where also has option to enjoy mountain hiking and visit Aquarium etc.

How to Reach Itsukushima Shrine: Tourists can reach to Itsukushima Island via ferry services which are available from Hiroshima port and JR West Miyajima. Its nearest major city is Hiroshima where several transport services are available bullet trains, bus and flights services from other cities of the country and foreign countries.

By Air Transport: Nearest international and domestic airport is Hiroshima where tourists can get flights to foreign countries direct also can get domestic flights to major cities of the Japan.

By Train Transport: Train services are available from other major cities of the Japan to Hiroden-Miyajimaguchi Station and Yokogawa Sta. Station. These are nearest train stations where train services are available while Island can reach only by Ferry services.

By Water Transport: Tourists can reach to Itsukushima Island by ferry services which are available from JR Miyajima Ferry terminal and Minami Ward Hiroshima Ferry terminal to Miyajimacho Ferry terminal.

Things to Do on Itsukushima Island: Tourists can do several recreation and Pilgrims social activities on Itsukushima Island such as Prayer on Itsukushima Shrine, watch different types of the fishes at Miyajima Aquarium, hiking to mountain, enjoy Ropeway trip, Fishing, Swimming, Enjoy on Tsutsumigaura Beach, Climb up to Komagabayashi Peak etc.

Tourists attractions on Itsukushima Island: Here tourists can visit several tourist places like Holy Itsukushima Shrine, Itsukushima Floating Torii Gate, Miyajima Omotesando Shotengai, Momijidani Park, Miyajima Ropeway, Miyajima Visitor Berth, Miyajima Public Aquarium, Bakuchio, Sky Walking Path, Misen Mountain Path Omoto Course, Momijidani Course, Azumaya Observation Deck, Itsukushima Shrine Treasure Hall, Miyajima Traditional Crafts Center, Hatsukaichishi Miyajimasuginoura Shimin, Miyajima Tsutsumigaura Nature Park, Tsutsumigaura Nature Park, Takanosu Upper Battery, Tsutsumigaura Beach, Mount Misen Observatory, Miyajima Natural Botanical Garden, Suyaura Shrine Shinto shrine, Daishoin Buddhist temple, Daiganji Buddhist temple, Miyajima Museum of History and Folklore etc. Japan Holiday Trip is a nice plan to visit its UNESCO world heritage site which has approximately 20 in all over country.

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