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Fribourg City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 3-Jan-2022

About Fribourg city destination: Fribourg is a famous city of the Switzerland country which is located in eastern of the Swiss country. Fribourg is good destination to explore Switzerland country's local people cultural and social modern life style. the Fribourg is situated on bank of the Sarine River. the Schiffenensee lake is situated just near of the Fribourg city where tourists can enjoy different types of the water sports.

Fribourg city is a well destination in Swiss country to explore Switzerland local people social life style with traditional method.

  • Fribourg city is just 34.8 KM distance from Bern capital city.
  • Zurich city is exact 152.5 KM distance.
  • Geneva city is exact 140.3 KM distance.
  • Lausanne city is exact 76.3 KM far.
  • Lucerne city is exact 140.5 KM distance.

Switzerland is good destination in Europe where passengers can enjoy honeymoon, summer vacation and winter vacation to enjoy different types snow sports. Switzerland is placed in central Europe which neighbour countries are France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is all over world famous for its snow capped mountains, snow glaciers, deep forest, wide and long grassland and natural several lakes etc.

Fribourg City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -2.6 -2.5 0.5 3.2 7.5 11.2 13.0 12.7 9.1 5.6 1.3 -1.8
Average High (℃) 3.5 5.2 9.8 13.7 18.0 21.7 24.0 23.6 18.9 13.7 7.6 4.0

How can come to Fribourg city: it is well connected via road transport and train transport from Bern capital city. Bern city is the nearest major city of the Fribourg city. passengers can come to city from other domestic places via road transport and train transport. passengers can come to the Fribourg city from other European countries via road and air transport. Its nearest major international airport is situated in Bern city.

Fribourg St Pierre - Inclined railway station: Fribourg train station is a local railway station which is placed in central of the city. passengers can get here trains to other domestic places of the Swiss country. Train transport is the good transport method in Swiss country which is more safe compare than road transport. Switzerland tour holiday and UK London tour holiday .

Bern Airport: Bern international Airport is the third busiest international airport of the Switzerland country. Passengers can get here flights to overseas countries and domestic places. Bern is the capital city of the Switzerland country.

Fribourg city famous tourist places: the city has several popular places to visit which some are natural and some man mades such as Natural History Museum - Natural history museum, Place de jeux du Guintzet - Park, Place de Jeux Du Platy - Park, Flower Garden, Jardins Familiaux - Community garden, Schiffenensee Lake, Hauterive Abbey - Monastery, BCF Arena - Ice skating rink, Magdalena - Einsiedelei - Places of interest, Museum of Art and History, Swiss Puppet Museum, Swiss Bier Museum etc.

Fribourg city famous Restaurants & accommodations: the city has many popular hotels accommodations to stay night and Restaurants to eat delicious foods such as Les Menteurs - Restaurant, Pho Vietnam - Hot pot restaurant, Manora Restaurant Fribourg, Vapiano - Italian restaurant, L'Aigle Noir - Swiss restaurant, La Clef - Swiss restaurant, Capricciosa - Italian restaurant, Aux Tanneurs - Swiss restaurant, Vietnam House - Vietnamese restaurant etc.