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France Miniature Paris Europe Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 11-Sept-2023

About France Miniature Paris Destination: France Miniature is a famous theme park which is located in Elancourt of the France country. The park was opened in 1991 which total area land is 12 acres. The park is just 37.3 KM distance from Paris city centre.

  • France Miniature Location: Elancourt, Paris Suburb.
  • France Miniature Address: Bd Andre Malraux, 78990 Elancourt, France.
  • France Miniature Opened Year: 1991.
  • France Miniature Total Area: 12 acres.
  • France Miniature Ticket Price (Entry Fee): Paid.
  • France Miniature Timings (Open Hours): 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • France Miniature Closed Days: Monday, Tuesday & Friday

How Can Reach to France Miniature Paris: It is located near of the Paris central capital city of the France country. Paris is a busy international city where passengers can from other overseas countries via air transport where has three international airports. People can come from other France regional places and other European countries via air, train and road transport.

By Air Transport: Paris city some main airports are the following where passengers can get air flights to international countries and France regional places.

1. Paris-Orly Airport - International airport.

2. Paris Airport-Le Bourget - International airport.

3. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - International airport.

By train Transport: Trappes station Travel Terminals is a nearest local railway station where passengers can get trains to other French local places.

Paris city also has international railway station where passengers can get trains to other European countries and French remote places.

Things to Do near of France Miniature Paris: people can do several types activities in Pairs capital city which some are spend time at city theme amusement parks, water parks, city parks, city animal zoo etc. Eat French local street delicious foods, shopping French memorable gifts, watch city historical and arts types museums etc.

Tourists attractions near of France Miniature Paris: passengers can do several famous historical and modern places in Pairs capital city which some are the following.

Attractions near France Miniature Theme park: France Miniature entree fournisseur - Park, Stade Andre Boniface - Athletic field, Place Colbert - Park, Bassin de La Boissiere - City park, Le Pre Yvelines - Condominium complex, Rues de Couleurs, Association mosquee ALIF, Intermarche SUPER Elancourt - Supermarket, Parc des Coudrays - Park, Palais des Sports d'Elancourt - Sports complex, Commanderie de la Villedieu - Historical landmark etc.

Other popular places in Pairs capital city: Musee national de Port-Royal des Champs - Museum, Abbaye de Port-Royal des Champs - Abbey, Etangs de Romainville - Fishing pond, Chateau de la Madeleine - Castle, Chateau de Dampierre - Park, Parc naturel regional de la Haute Vallee de Chevreuse - Nature preserve, E.Leclerc Gometz-la-Ville - Supermarket, Chateauform’ Le Domaine du Tremblay - Seminary etc. Europe tour trip is a good idea to France Miniature Theme park travel which is located in Paris capital city of the France country.

Japan tour trip is a well idea to Hamamatsu coastal city tour which is placed in Japan country. Hamamatsu is a coastal city which is just 117.2 KM distance from Nagoya port city. Hamamatsu is well destination to explore local Japanese people culture and social activities. Hamamatsu coastal city is very well connected to other Japanese regional places via air, train, water and road transport. Hamamatsu is also a natural rich city where also has natural water falls and snow capped mountains.

People can watch several famous historical and modern places near of the Hamamatsu city which some are Lake Hamana, Imakiriguchi Maisaka embankment, Arai-sekisho Barrier Ruins, Sakichi Toyota Memorial Museum, Shiomi Beach, Megawara Beach, Hamanako Pleasure Boat Mikkabi Seto Port, Hamanako Pal Pal - Amusement park, Hotel Green Plaza Hamanako, Hamamatsu Flower Park - Botanical garden, Airpark JASDF Hamamatsu Air Base Museum - Army museum, Hamamatsu Castle, Miyakoda Park, Ryugashido Cavern, Washizawa Cave, Akino Huku Art Museum, Shishigahana Park, Oguriyasu Rice Terraces, Hyakken Falls, Sejiri Fudo Falls, Akihasan Hongu Akiha Shrine Kamiyashiro - Shinto shrine, Koshikidaira Community Center etc.