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Braunschweig City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 23-Jan-2023

About Braunschweig city destination: Braunschweig is a beautiful modern city of the Germany country which is placed in north central of the country. Braunschweig city is just 67.6 KM distance from Hanover metropolitan city. Braunschweig city is well destination to explore Germany local people culture and social activities.

Distance from Braunschweig city: Braunschweig city is well connected to other Germany domestic destinations via road and train transport.

  • Braunschweig city is just 67.6 KM distance from Hanover city.
  • Berlin capital city is just 234.5 KM distance.
  • Hamburg port city is just 199.0 KM distance.
  • Bremen harbour city is just 175.5 KM distance.
  • Leipzig city is just 212.0 KM distance.
  • Bielefeld city is just 170.2 KM distance.

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Braunschweig City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -1.0 -2.0 1.0 4.0 8.0 12.0 14.0 13.0 10.0 6.0 3.0 0.0
Average High (℃) 3.0 4.0 9.0 13.0 18.0 21.0 23.0 23.0 19.0 14.0 8.0 5.0

How can come to Braunschweig city: Braunschweig city is well connected to other Germany native places and other European countries via air, train and road transport. other countries passengers can come to Braunschweig city via air transport.

Air Transport: Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport is a regional airport where people can get air transport to other Germany native places.

Hannover Airport is a international airport where passengers can get flights to foreign countries. Hannover Airport airport is exact 69.9 KM distance from Braunschweig city.

Water Transport: Braunschweig is not a coastal or port city where has not water transport services. Braunschweig city nearest seaport is Hamburg where passengers can get water transport services to other European countries and other overseas countries. Braunschweig city is just 199.0 KM distance from Hamburg port city.

Train Transport: Brunswick is a busy Train station where passengers can get train transport services to not only to Germany domestic places but also other European countries.

Braunschweig City tourists attractions: Braunschweig is a modern city where has several popular places to visit such as ZOO BRAUNSCHWEIG "Noah's Ark" Uwe Wilhelm GmbH - Zoo, HORNBACH Braunschweig - Home improvement store, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum - Art museum, Ruine des Hotels Handelshof am Lessingplatz - Museum, Kemenate Hagenbrucke - Historical landmark, National Museum of Natural History, Riddagshausen - Nature preserve, Kampfende Hirsche, Aussichtspunkt Schlehenhecke, Essehof Zoo etc.

Braunschweig City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Braunschweig city has several budget and some luxury types hotels to stay. Braunschweig city some famous restaurants are XXXL Restaurant Braunschweig, IKEA Restaurant, Wahre Liebe - German restaurant, Punjabi Restaurant - Indian restaurant, Nagoya - Japanese restaurant, Kracker`s Kitchen - Restaurant, Croatia Grill - Croatian restaurant, Anders - Das Pfannenrestaurant - German restaurant, Safran - Afghan restaurant, Wirtshaus am Kohlmarkt- Bavarian restaurant, Zu den Vier Linden- Restaurant, Lowengarten - Beer garden, Restaurant Prinzengarten - Italian restaurant etc.