Belgium Tours Holidays

This is a popular believe that the name of Belgium was derived from the Belgae tribe that lived in the northern part of this country. This country has seen many ups and downs in the past. Germany overpowered this country in a short span of three weeks. It became a constitutional monarchy in 1831 and after World War II, it worked hard to establish itself economically. It became a founder member of several regulatory unions to facilitate the trade between European countries. The headquarters of NATO are located in this country. Its capital is Brussels and currency is Euro.

Belgium's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Bruges city: This is a dream of every tourist to visit this city. This is also the best-preserved town of mediaeval times. Its architecture will leave you spellbound. According to the report of tourism Department, more than 2 million visitors come to see this historical city every year. Even if you are coming here for a short Belgium Tour, you cannot afford to miss this city. The canals and old buildings of the city will take you on a nostalgic trip. You can visit Basilica of the Holy Blood and the Belfry & Halle, other places to visit is market, liberty of Bruges, museum, and Church of Our Lady. Read More...

Meuse Valley: After the Industrial Revolution, more than 27 factories emerged in this 20 km long Valley. Because of toxic gases produced by the factories, there was a significant rise in the air pollution. Several families have migrated from this valley because they were having respiratory illnesses. Read More...

In the present scenario, things have changed and you will find Belgium Tourism department and lush green valley welcoming you. You can discover a wide variety of flora and fauna over there. You can also take a drive ride to see the beauty of this place. Read More...

Gravensteen: This capital was constructed long before this country established itself. Stone replaced the woodwork and this castle has seen many changes since then. A small part of the castle was sold to private companies to set up shops. The building of this castle is old and does not satisfy safety standards. In the 19th century, the government of Belgium took the buildings back from the private owners and restored this castle.

Tournai Cathedral: This building is an inevitable part of this city with an impressive length of 134 m. The interior is impressive and have several remarkable items. After 2006, restoration work is going on like cleaning of walls and replacement of the roof. They are also changing the stained glass. The parts, which they have restored are open for public.

Bouillon Castle: Bouillon means a small town; it is located on Belgo-French border. The duke of this city owned this castle. In order to reach there, you can take a car from Brussels. People coming on a Belgium Holiday will remember this country for always.