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The Stone Age settlements have been found in the village of Yurovichi, which dates back to 26,000 years. Various people have ruled over this land including Mongols, Lithuania and Slavs. Russia had its control on this country until World War I. in 1921 Germany took over and divided this land. This was the worst thing, which could happen as thousands people were killed in Poland. Under the rule of Soviet, Minsk became an industrial hub and the strengthened its economy. In 1991 after the downfall of soviet, it continued its close economic and political ties with soviet. Its capital is Minsk and currency is Belarusian ruble.

Belarus's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Minsk city: Minsk is the capital of capital of Belarus, scientific and cultural centers are also based in this city. The population of this city is around 2 million and growing. This city is economically strong and situated on the main route of western and Eastern Europe. Minsk is connected with Moscow via train and a national airport is also there. People coming on Belarus Tour will find several architectural monuments and historical places in this city like Victory square, Independence Avenue, orthodox and Catholic Churches and the national library. Read More...

Mound of Glory: This is a memorial complex situated at a distance of 21 km from Minsk. This was built to honor the Soviet soldiers. It was established in 1969 on the 25th anniversary when Belarus became free from Nazis. Tourists can go up to the main structure to have a closer look at the ring and the bayonets. Read More...

Khatyn Memorial Complex: This memorial was built to pay a tribute to more than 3 million people who died in World War II. Before 1943, Khatyn was a usual village situated on the north east of capital city of Minsk. A German officer was killed nearby this village and then the German forces killed all the inhabitants of this village. In this massacre, only one person was survived. He was a 56-year-old man named Joseph Kaminsky. After the war ended, a memorial was built at the site of village. If you are coming on Belarus Holiday, visit this place to know more about its history. Read More...

Bialowieza Forest National Park: This national park is a World Heritage site situated on the border of Poland and Belarus. Due to its protection, the forest has maintained its natural state. You will find 59 mammals and 250 bird species in this forest. You can also see 7 different types of reptiles and approximately 12,000 invertebrate species. People on Belarus Travel must visit this forest to animals living in their natural habitat.

Medieval Mir Castle: Mir castle is among the top tourist destinations of Belarus. This is a 16th century fortification and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its construction was started in 1520 and completed in 1568. Right now, it is among the most impressive castles of Europe. It is situated at a distance of 90 km from the capital city, Minsk.

Brest Hero-Fortress: Brest Hero-Fortress is situated at the meeting point of two rivers, it was built in 1830. It is said that during the construction this fortress, town was shifted to a new place, which is at a distance of 2 km from here. This is an important place to see and it is enhancing Belarus Tourism, you will find a museum and the remains of white palace over there.