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Albania is situated in the southeastern part of Europe. Macedonia Kosovo, Greece and Montenegro surrounds Albania. During the time of Romans Albania prospered.

Much of the population was converted to Islam during the time of Ottomans, although they allowed people to practice their own religion. This country declared its independence after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Albanian economy has significantly improved after their independence, but still it is a poor country. In the year 2009, Albania joined NATO and looking forward to become a member of European Union. It capital is Tirana and currency is Albanian Lek.

Albania's famous tourist attractions are the following:

Tirana capital city: A Turkish General, Suleiman Pasha founded this city in the 17th century. Soon this became a hub for traders because of junction of roads. This is a pleasant city with rich history and full of entertainment. This also serves as a political center of Albania. You will see a mosque, which was built in 1798, the tomb of Kapllan pasha and Kulla e Sahatit (watchtower). People on Albania holiday can pay their visit to the old Roman lodge. The finest museums, theaters and galleries are situated in this capital city. Read More...

Koman Lake: If you are planning to go for hiking, then there is no better way to start your trip with Koman Lake Ferry. It is said that Valbona is a finest example of nature’s art and it should not be missed. This is the reason why people on Albania Travel are visiting this place repeatedly. People on Komani lake tour can take the ferry line Berisha to explore the area and see scenic beauty of this place. Read More...

Albanian Riviera: This is one of the most beautiful places, but the irony is this is the most underrated summer vacation destination in the Europe. Turquoise water, white beaches, seafood, wine and baklava are some of the inviting things of this city. Read More...

Berat: People call this city as the ‘Museum of Albania’ and it has an old history of 2413 years. This old city is located at a distance of 120 km from the capital city of Tirana. This is located on a riverbank and listed with UNESCO World heritage sites. People on Albania Tour will see the perfect combination of Eastern and Western culture in traditions and costumes of this historical city.

Gjirokastra: UNESCO world Heritage site has listed the city, which is situated in the south of Albania. The reason for their listing is its unique architecture, which can be seen in most of the buildings. This style of architecture is called Balkan architecture. You will see small houses built from stones giving them a castle look. This city is also known as the ‘city of a stones’. There are several museums, theatres and religious places in the city. Every five-year they organize national folklore Festival in the city castle and this is contributing in Albania Tourism.

Durres: This is situated on the western side of the Tirana at a distance of 34 km and is a major seaport of Albania. In the fourth century CE, this city was the capital of a Roman province, Epirus Nova. You will be delighted to see its 3000 years old history. Tourists can see at Ethnographic Museum and Art Gallery among other historical buildings of the city.